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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Time Management -Teach Me Please

I have a calendar that is colored for the different categories that I have.

Church – Plum
Home – Purple
Work – Tan
Volunteering- Green
Husband stuff – Blue
Blog stuff – Orange

Doctor’s appointment, future plans for upkeep on the house, birthdays to remember, places to be and people to see. It's quite the rainbow on there!  How am I suppose to keep it all together?

I have some domestic servants that work very hard for me, my coffee pot, iPad, vacuum, microwave, and cell phone, dishwasher, and stove to mention a few, all work for me but do require some maintenance to keep them happy and up to speed.  I can not remember my live before these wonderful servants came into my world to make my life easier and yet some days I feel like I’m running in circles. It can make me dizzy some days trying to figure out where I am suppose to be and what I suppose to do once I get there!  I have been know to talk out loud to my self  reminding me where I’m suppose to be and what I'm suppose to do when I get there!  Please tell me that you are nodding in agreement!

Now that I’ve added a blog to my life, I would to love to hear from all you experts as to how you find time to get it all done.  Do you blog off and on all day, making notes as your day goes on and then put them all together at night, blog one day a week and schedule them to post on different days, blog at a predetermined time? Blog in your sleep (oh and if you do that I would love to know how) or instead of sleep!  

I have my bifocals on and coffee in my hand - teach me people!

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  1. Lynn Marie, I'm so excited to read YOUR blog!

    I used to blog when my kids had naptime, but then my 3-year-old daughter needed that special time while baby brother slept instead. I find that it does help to have one routine time per day to establish a rhythm to your blogging.

    Good luck - look forward to learning from your wisdom!


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