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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Texting - It's Everywhere

Do you text? Do you text often? I must admit that I am fascinated by it. I see younger people standing in line and their thumbs are moving at lightning speed. I don't like all texting however. I am upset to see them texting while driving, at the movies, during a meeting, while in a class, in church! They carry on full conversations in a matter of seconds. My text conversations are slow and perhaps painful to read because I don't speak text. I write words, even full sentences which I know is not correct so in an effort to learn how to do it correctly I looked up the the text lingo.......

Oh My! The full list is here but here is just a small sample of what I found.

10Q = Thank you

143=I love you

2moro = tomorrow

2nite = tonight

AAK= Asleep at Keyboard

ADBB=All Done Bye Bye

BON= Believe it or not

CYL= See you later

FYA= For your Amusement

HIOOC= Help I'm out of coffee (like this one!)

Here where we live there is not a law just against texting while driving, it is instead called "Negligent Driving" and it covers anything you are doing that results in an accident or motor vehicle law violation. So putting on eye makeup, eating your bowl of cereal or texting are all covered under this law. Do you have such laws in your state?

Do they offer a course in this language? If God gives us all another thousands years, will any one understand this "Discovered Language". Does this effect how our children and grand children write in school? You out there with kids - what do you think? Oh should I type WDYT=What do you think? Well CYL.


  1. Hi Lynn Marie,
    I don't text. If I need to send a text message, I can do so by email from my iPhone.Have yet to hear from anyone what texting's advantage is over email.

    When I see someone texting or especially animated talking on their phone while driving, I do my best to get as far as possible away from them.

    I enjoy reading your blog, my friend. Keep up the good work!

  2. No texting here. I am trying to avoid it. I feel it is just one more things to keep me from the simplicity I crave. Everyone thinks I'm crazy!

  3. I'm like you ... if I text, I have to spell all the words out properly ... I just HAVE to. ha! And use proper punctuation, capitalization, etc. TAKES. FOREVER.


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