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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Looking Back - It feels like yesterday.

Back in 1976 Gerry (Hubby), myself and our son were living on R.A.F. Sculthorpe, England.  Gerry was in the Air Force and was stationed there. It was a very small base that had both American and Royal Air Force personnel on it.  I loved it there.  We had a neighbor living across the street who was Scottish and he would run out to wash his car in the rain!  Really he did, I kid you not!  He also loaned us his color TV when he went on vacation because he still had to pay the TV license fee on it so "Someone better be watching it" you know and since we had a black and white TV, we loved having his color TV in our living room for the week.  (You didn't have free a TV in England at the time, you had to buy a license to legally receive the TV signal. A color TV license was more expensive than a black & white TV license.)

While living there our beautiful daughter was born! She was 3 weeks late and I was so glad to finally see her.  We had been waiting a long time to have another child. Her brother was already 4 1/2 after all!  She was not born at Sculthorpe because there was no hospital there (too small) so the medic drove me to  R.A.F. Lakenheath, some 50 miles away.
On back roads.

With lots of bumps in them.

In the speeding Ambulance.

Gerry still got to the hospital before us.

Because my labor had stopped and the medic was hungry we stopped so he could get something to eat.

I'm thoughtful that way...
And no one had cell phones then.

But she was born in the hospital and she was perfect!!
She was always observing something!  She always needed to be where the action was.
She always had hair! Lots of it!  Big brown eyes and reddish blond hair and the cutest face ever.

I loved watching her sleep. What is it about sleeping children that makes every mothers' heart melt?  Maybe it's just the fact for a brief amount time, they are not in some sort of mischief.  Maybe it's because they look like angels.

I loved dressing her up like the princess that she is.  I made this dress!  I made a lot of her clothes when she was younger.  Maybe that's why she became a tom boy - to get out of the dresses!!

But early on, she added in her unique fashion style like the boots here!  I did try to teach her to cook, I failed-miserably!  Luckily she married someone who really taught her and now she is a great cook!!

In the 80's we took this photo of the two of us!  Look at those glasses!! Oh my I had forgotten about those. But the star here is her. Our little girl! Her reddish blond hair was now a beautiful brown.

Our little girl was always Daddy's girl. She still is.  She is all grown up with children of her own. She is the mother of the grand girls that I talk about and she is such a great mother.  She does it all with grace and sweetness, and gentleness and love.

Happy Birthday to our Daughter, 
I have wanted you long before you were conceived.
I have waited for you every since I knew you were joining our family.
I have loved you every day of your life.
I have prayed for you every day from before you were born.
I have enjoyed your baby years, your growing up years, and your adult years.
I have been, and am now, proud of the woman you became.
Thank you for being my daughter.
Thank you for the man you chose to marry and Thank you for the grandchildren I get to play with.

May you have a wonderful Birthday.
When did you get to be so grown up?


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter! What a sweet tribute to her.

    I remember those BIG glasses in the 80's. Thankfully I was wearing contacts during most of the 80's, so any pictures of me don't have the big glasses. ;-)

  2. What a beautiful post! Happy birthday to your little girl!
    Oh and my Mom had glasses that were very similar! ;-)

  3. Your beautiful daughter is lovely and kind because of the way you and Gerry raised her. Your darling granddaughters are your reward.

    I wore the same style glasses as yours back in the day - I had them in white AND blue.

  4. Oh so much to comment on...I've been to the base at Lakenheath, you still need a tv license if you have a tv but there is no price difference between color and black and white, those glasses-it was the 80's so that explains that...and finally, happy birthday to your daughter!

  5. Happy Birthday to your daughter. I hope she had a blessed day. I love the photos, thank you for sharing them.

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