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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge: Important Stuff!

Joyce has been a busy woman, she really works hard to create the questions for every week.  Click the button above and join the fun. And Thank You Joyce!

1. In your opinion what's the most important job in the world? Oh, and parenting is a given so besides parenting, what's the most important job in the world?
WOW there are a lot of important jobs in the world. That is really a hard question. I guess any job is important if you have integrity while you do it. So the woman at the laundry mat who cleans our clothes has an important job because she helps us look good. If she does her job with integrity, then her job becomes important and we trust her with our clothes. The job itself may not look important but if the person has integrity, then the job becomes important.

2. Share a favorite or not so favorite memory from a childhood birthday.
I don't have a favorite memory of a childhood birthday. I was not wanted as a child so my birthday was not celebrated.  I got my best birthdays after I was married and Hubby made them all fun. The one that stands out is when I became 50. He didn't get me one cake with a big fat "50" on it but 2 cakes with "25" on them.  So funny!!

3. Peanut butter-crunchy or smooth?
Choosy Mothers chose Jif (and smooth at that!)

4. William Butler Yeats is credited as saying, "Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that but simply growth, We are happy when we are growing." Your thoughts?
Having something is not as much fun as wanting something. Say we want a new car. Once we get that new car it needs the oil changed, it needs to be insured, it needs new brakes, it needs gas, it needs something else and after not too long, it needs to be replaced.  Because once you have it, you want something more.  The "Having" was not as much fun as the "Wanting". So yes, wanting something leads to growth and growth leads to happiness.

5. What's something that makes you cringe?
I cringe when I hear a mother telling a child, that they are useless, or stupid, or some other demeaning thing. That will be the voice in their head FOREVER!

6. Name a song that always puts you in a good mood?
Bet on It from High School Musical. When I get tired and really don't want to get up and exercise, or do anything but be a lump on the couch, I play that song and it gets me up and moving.

7. The answer is yes. What's the question?
"So Hubby has been retired for over a year now, are  you STILL glad he's home all the time?"  YOU BET YES!!!!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
One of the things I like about fall is that Dunkin Donuts up here has Pumpkin Coffee.  Hubby bought me some K-cups of their coffee. YUM!

So now you get to play.  How would you answer these questions?  Then hop around and see what others put for answers.


  1. Fall flavors are my favorite and I couldn't agree more with your answer to #5. Love that scene from HSM - very inspiring :)

  2. I like pumpkin but not coffee...LOL
    As for your answer to #5...oh yes, that one is the very epitome of cringing. And your answer to #1 is also right on. You did BEST....a gold star for you and your hodgepodge this week.

  3. I love the "50" cake : ) So clever! I've never had pumpkin coffee...I'm not really a fan of flavored coffee so I'm reluctant to try it.

  4. How neat that you had TWO "25" cakes for your 50th! How sweet of your hubby to make up for no birthday celebrations as a child ... he's a keeper, but then I suspect that you already knew that. ;-)

  5. Two "25" cakes instead of one "50", now that's clever! I like a man with a sense of humor.

    One year, around my b'day, I'd found a mini van that I wanted so bad--and I requested it for my b'day gift. Instead, Ed had a cake made, with a picture of a red mini van on top, and said, "Here's your red mini van!" We still laugh about that cake. Two months after my b'day, I got the mini van :)

  6. I'm definitely going to have to try that pumpkin coffee. Love the two cakes with 25- my husband doesn't even know how old I am. LOL

  7. I am SO jealous! We don't have a Dunkin Donuts close, so I have to wait until we travel to get Pumpkin K-Cups. But, YUM!!

  8. Great answer on number 1. I've always loved smooth but I've had some on celery lately and I enjoy the crunchy. I agree with on #5. I was in Target yesterday and a boy was crying, his mom was so mean. Then a few minutes later I saw him with his dad and he said to him "shut up stupid!"
    Broke my heart. That's a great song. Thanks for the heads up on the coffee, I have to find it.

  9. Your husband was quite creative with the two cakes for your 50th. I will be 50 in November, I hope my hubby is creative.
    Maybe I need to listen to that song often, I need something to motivate me to move more!


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