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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Natural's All In The Music, August Rush

August Rush was born to Sharon, a Chinese Crested breeder in North Carolina. He was the second of 6 puppies. His temporary name from the breeder was "Ditto". I had him on my short list of those that I loved the look of.  I found him because of my friend Anu who lives in NC now. Anu and her dog was taking a class and this breeder, Sharon, was taking another of her dogs to the same class.  My friend talked to Sharon about me and we connected.  After the litter was born, Sharon offered me the cute little face you see here.  His ears grew, she taped them up to stay that way and finally last November we drove down to NC to pick him up.

He was so good meeting his new sister, our Friend Anu, her husband Marty with their dog Remy and of course driving back 700 miles to NH.

He slept a lot, his ears continued to grow and when he blushed, his ears turned pink.  His sister would keep her eye on him all the time and even watched him sleep. He got his first groom at work too and loves his groomer.

He started doggie day care and found a new friend to sleep with there!  His favorite toy was "Foxy" that his "Auntie" Anu got him. He learned to climb the stairs, get on the couch and on the bed. 

His hair continues to grow, I learned how to comb it out and I love that he doesn't shed!!  He and his sister hang out and she has taught him many things.  Today he is 1 year old. 

Happy Birthday Naturals All In The Music. August Rush - who most of the time acts like Augie Doggie!  Our lives have been enriched by your gift. You give us joy, laughter, and make us better people. I can not imagine our lives without you in it.  There is a steak with your name on it for dinner!  Bubbles are going to day care with you today so that all the dogs can play with bubbles.  


  1. How is it even possible that August is cuter than when he was as a baby? He is! What a beautiful face - made even lovlier set off by his spectacular coat. Lots of work keeping that up, I know, but oh so worth it.

    August is a magical month and thus, is a perfect name for your own small bundle of magic.

    Happy first birthday little August, with best wishes for even a more wonderous year ahead for you!

    Auntie Anu and Remy in North Carolina

  2. What a little sweetheart! Happy Birthday to your fur baby!

  3. Thank you for sharing the precious pictures.
    Happy 1st Birthday August Rush!

  4. And a Happy Belated birthday to August, from Fletch and me :-)


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