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Monday, August 25, 2014

A Play Date Birthday.

This is August Rush sleeping on the couch on top of an electric throw.  He loves to sleep there especially if I'm under the blanket!  He knows his job is to hold me down and he takes his job very seriously!!

Those who know August also know that he is not very confident and so every thing new has to happen slowly for him.  He will make me a better dog trainer and a better dog owner because I constantly have to break down behaviors for him to tackle in small segments.  So imagine my surprise when I opened my mouth and offered for August and I to go over to help a friend who has a small dog that is not very confident.

My friend has had the new-to-her dog for 3 weeks and Sunday was the dogs 4th birthday.  She wanted a friend for her baby girl so August and I went over for a play date.  The dog is a 4 year old long hair Chihuahua called "Sunshine".

I was stunned to see how quickly August settled down and got to work making Sunshine feel comfortable.  He walked up and smelled her quickly, then walked away. He went back to smell her again, then after 3 seconds, he walked away again.  After a few more times of short meetings, he was ready to go for a walk with her.

Sunshine's mom, learned fast not to lean over him as he yelled at her and clearly was not happy about it.  He backed away from her as soon as she bent down towards him. I quickly called him away and told her to not bend over him and to just look his way but not to look at him.  She learns fast!

Sunshine's mom could lean over Sunshine and August would walk up to her for a treat.  But she did not lean over August again.  He liked that.

 They walked nicely by our sides and shared a bowl of water as it got hot out there!  When the traffic became heavy, and the black top became too hot for their little feet, both dogs went into their separate strollers.  Then my friend and I continued walking and talking.  Yes, we have strollers for our little dogs, don't laugh.  It allows us to continue to walk for exercise and not worry about our little ones being over tired or over heated.  

Back at her house, August drank some of her water and checked out the toys in her toy box and cooled down while Sunshine watched from Mommy's lap.  

What surprised me was how quickly August relaxed and just enjoyed her company, enjoyed the walk, enjoyed the toys, enjoyed the water and the cool hard wood floor.  In all, he just did what I had hoped he would.  He helped make a new friend.  

What a cute little girl, Happy 4th Birthday Sunshine! It was a fun day!!

Have you ever had a play date for your dog?  Tell me the story. I love those stories.


  1. No play date stories to tell, but I couldn't help but think of my 'granddog', Jack. He loves my daughter's electric throw, too :)

    1. Oh yes! When the electric throw is on August will jump on top and fall fast asleep! He's so funny.

  2. Play dates are a lot of fun here too. My little boy, Remy, also has a deficit in confidence. He's afraid of new people, places, and things. But he adores most other dogs. The lust of Remy's life is a sweet 13 year old Westie girl named Agnes Marie who has neither the interest or energy to play with Remy. But my little boy's perfectly happy just to walk with Agnes around the neighborhood.

    We recently invited a neighbor's new-to-her young dog, Lucy, here for a play date. Remy and Lucy sniffed each other and half-heartedly chased each other around the yard, but since it was hot and humid that day their first meeting was low key. Still, both pups were happy and tired out from all that 'excitement'.

    Another friend brought her seven year old doxie boy, Milo, for a play date a couple of months ago. Remy was beside himself with joy to have a new friend in his yard. However, Milo was more interested interacting with me. Remy didn't mind being ignored by Milo because Milo's mom ended up play-chasing Remy around the yard. Surprisingly, because he doesn't know her well, Remy enjoyed that. So Milo will be coming back for another play date soon. Hopefully, there'll be more playing between the dogs next time, but as long as Remy's happy, it doesn't matter to me what the dogs do, or don't do, together.

    It's fun to sit on the patio with a cool drink visiting with a friend and watching Remy happily being a dog with another dog. And each doggie play date's mom is another person Remy is becoming more comfortable with too. That increases the size of his social circle and more importantly, his confidence dealing with other people.

    1. Oh what fun to have 3 play dates all a bit different. And sitting on the patio with a cool drink visiting and talking while the dogs have fun together! What a great picture to have in your head. Love it.

  3. Happy Birthday Sunshine!
    Sounds like you had a good visit with August.

    Lynn Marie, I wanted to come by and let you know I've awarded you the Liebster Award. Please come by my blog so you'll see the questions. Thanks
    Also, please let me know if you do the questions so I can come see them.


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