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Friday, August 29, 2014

Time Goes By.

Tomorrow, Saturday the 30th our little boy 'Naturial's All In The Music, August Rush' will be 3 years old.  How fast the time goes.

He started out like this:

This is his Momma, with all the babies she had.  Our little boy is on top with the black spots on white coat.  Momma was a powder puff and dad is a hairless.  Both powder puff and hairless are born in the same litter.   This was the first photo the breeder sent me asking if I could figure out which were hairless and which were powder puff.  I couldn't in this photo so she sent me photos of each dog separately and when I saw him I put him on my short list of dogs I liked the look of.
Here was the picture she sent me and I thought wow, is he little?
She gave them names, this was Ditto and at one week old look at that face!!

She sent me another photo asking if I could find him in there.  His ears were still taped and still, I loved his face.  Here he is with the siblings.  They are all so cute. 
Our slippery little boy was really taking shape and I couldn't wait to pick him up.

At 10 weeks of age we were able to drive drown and pick him up.  He was ours.  
Becke, the wonder dog started right away, taking care of him and teaching him.  

They still nap together and Becke sure looks happy about it.

So Tomorrow is his 3rd birthday.
I'll make him Scrambled eggs with cheese for Breakfast and stew beef with green beans for dinner.  

Happy 3rd Birthday our Little Man.  You've come a long way!!


  1. He was such a cute little baby! Happy Birthday August!!

  2. Wow..he sure was little. Happy Birthday Little Man.
    Enjoy your special meals.


    I remember how little you were three years ago when your mama and pop and Becke came down to bring you home. You were such a cute puppy, and now you are all grown up into a very handsome boy!

    Can't wait to see your Halloween costume this year, and Remy sends his best wishes too!

  4. Aw, such a sweet post for such a handsome boy. Hope he has a fun day. Give him a belly rub from me!!!! Really enjoyed all of the pictures.


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