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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Boy am I glad that Joyce set this up before hand. We are up north, getting results from the testing and hopefully planning our next attack.

1. What's the best thing about growing older?
There are lots of things good about growing older. All those discounts on coffee, lunch, vacations and whatever for those of us who are older.  Then there is the ability to just not care about something and not even caring that we don't care.  

2. When did you first feel like a grown up?
When I got my driver's licence.  I was married by the time I got my license so it really made me feel like a grown up. 

3. Chocolate cake with white icing or white cake with chocolate icing?
It's all good so my answer is YES - it's my blog - I'll answer the way I want to.

4. What's the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?
Offered me a smile when I really needed one.  

5.  What's something you learned from your grandparents? 
My mother's mom taught us to work hard to get anything. She came to this country with 5 little children and had to learn to speak English here.  She did but always had an very thick French Accent.  My father's mother taught me to enjoy what you have and not to feel jealous of what other have. After all, they now have to care for it and worry about it.

6. Wednesday marks a sad day in the history of planet earth-9/11...what's something you do (or can do) to bring peace to your little corner of the world?
Offer my smile to someone else who looks like they could use one.

7.  Share a favorite quote, scripture, or song containing the word peace.  
Colossians 3:15 Let the Peace of Christ be in control in your heart (for you were in fact called as one body to this peace) and be thankful.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
It's suppose to be up in the 90's today with pressure and humidity making it feel like a 100 degrees!  Summer is BACK!! Love summer.


  1. Gonna be a hot one here today too. Praying all goes well with your testing, and the next steps in treatment!

  2. Praying for good news with the test results. Love your answer to #3. It was 101 here yesterday ... the cool weather comes tomorrow ... just as we are leaving! But the promise of cool weather isn't enough to entice me to not leave. ha!

  3. I'm about to head to the park and it's already HOT outside! I'm sure I'll come home drenched...lovely. Best of luck with your test results...I'll say a prayer for you!

  4. Hoping the testing goes well; I like your answer about the cake; mine would be neither; I like white icing/white cake :)

    great scripture too :)

    take care!


  5. Your memories with your grandmother's brought tears to my eyes. What a blessing....((HUGS)) Smiles are the best! Love your Bible verse. Enjoy your Indian Summer.........

  6. 1-Having more confidence in myself, including my opinions when they don't agree with the majority's. Also the confidence to be able to say no, instead of worrying about being a people pleaser.

    2-When I moved into my first apartment at 19.

    3-Neither. Carrot cake with butter cream frosting, please.

    4-Thirty years ago I was working in Manhattan and living east on Long Island. One evening on my commute home on the LIRR I was upset about a love affair which wasn't going well at the moment. I kept my face to the train's window, didn't make a sound, but couldn't stop the tears streaming down my face.

    The young man sitting next to me offered his Walkman to listen to music. I was mortified that he knew I was crying. He insisted, so I took it and listened until one of us had to get off the train.

    I don't recall what music I listened to on my teary ride, or even what the young guy looked like. I can say that having the Walkman on for even just a few minutes helped me a lot.

    And I've never forgotten that stranger's act of kindness. Never will, either.

    5-Didn't know them.

    6-Be kind, and as Lynn Marie said, smile at people who look like they could use it.

    7-"Imagine" by John Lennon

    8-It's another hot and steamy day here in North Carolina. Can do without the humidity but have to say I love walking around with bare legs and arms.

  7. That is such a wonderful scripture! Many prayers to you and yours during the tests!

  8. I was amused that your answer to when you felt like an adult was when you got your driver's license, NOT when you got married. Maybe the license gave you the "freedom of choice" to stay or leave the married life from time to time! ha


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