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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


This is a testing week so boy am I glad to have the Hodgepodge this week. I bet Joyce didn't ever think she was a blessing in this way. Thank you Joyce.

1. When did you last sing happy birthday to someone? When were you last sung to? Does that embarrass you or do you enjoy being the center of attention on your special day?
Our Friend's son. He was turning 23 years old and also was moving away from home for the first time. So it was a combination of Happy Birthday, Farewell,  and Enjoy the bigger home all at the same time.  I don't remember the last time I was sung to. I enjoy the attention if it's among friends but if at a restaurant or something like that, I'm totally embarrassed. So don't do that to me EVER! 

2.  Name a famous or 'infamous' person (living or deceased) who shares your birth day and month. Is that someone you'd like to meet in person if it were possible?
David Janssen was born on my Birthday. He was an actor on The Fugitive.  I remember watching that show and I enjoyed it very much. Now he was in this show in the 60's so I was young and didn't watch it then, but I do remember seeing it later on when it ran as a rerun and it was then I became a fan.  He died just a month shy of 49th birthday. I would have liked to meet him as I read that he had a great sense of humor, something we never saw on The Fugitive. 

3. Someone hands you a box tied up in a lovely bow...what are you hoping to find inside?
Depends on the size of the box. A little box - jewelry. A medium box - camera. Big box - Out door  fireplace. A giant Box - New Fridge.

4. What can you guarantee about yourself?
I am a normal person, who needs a Savior to take away her sin.

5. Talking art and beautiful cities here...'The Last Supper' in the Santa Maria della Grazie Abbey in Milan Italy or 'The Mona Lisa' in The Louvre, Paris...which would you most like to see up close and in person?  Why?

The Last Supper in Italy because it's about our Savior.

6. Your favorite dessert?
WOW, there are lots of desserts that I love. Hot apple pie with ice cream, any fruit cobbler, bread pudding and just about anything with the word Pumpkin in it. I seem to love dessert in the fall and winter more than in Spring and Summer. 

7. This coming weekend marks the official start of autumn (in the Northern hemisphere)...what is something you do to get ready for fall? What is one thing you're looking forward to on your fall calendar? Spring or fall-which do you prefer?
Living in NH we have a long list of things we do to get ready for fall. Some of them include, clean the the pellet stove, fireplace and have the furnace cleaned as well. Pull out the winter clothes and put away the summer ones. Pull out the electric blanket and quilts. I look forwarded to getting all the Christmas shopping done before the weather gets too terrible. I hate to shop in the snow. Spring is my preference because I know that Summer is coming and I LOVE SUMMER!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
We got some news about the biopsy from the other week, no stomach cancer and no esophagus cancer either.  I am currently undergoing the other GI test called HRM &; PH Impedance test. It's where they put a tube up my nose and down my esophagus to watch it all work while I  go about my day. I have to wear this thing for 24 hours with a box over my shoulder and a tube coming out my nose connected to the box - and if you think it sounds terrible, it is!  I will be so glad to get it out of me.  They want to see how my acid reflux reacts to what I eat and drink and how I move all day and sleep all night. I'm answering these on Tuesday so I haven't been to bed yet, but I don't think I will get much sleep.   How am I suppose to sleep with this thing up my nose, down my throat as well as out my nose and attached to a recording devise!  Anyway, it will be over at 9:30 on Wednesday morning when it comes out.  I plan on a really long nap!
Update: I got a grand total of 2 1/2 hours sleep (not all together). I wasn't able to eat anything so I had a liquid diet of protein drinks and coffee/tea and my whole face hurts with all the tape holding the tubing in place as it comes out my nose and down to the recording devise.  9:30 can not come soon enough!  Never again! Never again!

OK your turn. Have fun. 


  1. I remember the Fugitive!!!! And he WAS quite handsome.

    As for Summer...I always look forward to Summer ending. Here where I live the temps are in the 90s daily with the lows of 80s and the humidity is equal. Hot and sticky. I look forward to Fall, Winter and Spring...but you can enjoy the Summer for me....'kay?

  2. Oh that does sound miserable! I hope they get some answers for you. We haven't turned on our heat yet, but it's a whopping 39 this morning so I'm tempted. I know it will warm up enough by mid-morning not to need it, so I'm resisting.

  3. David Jansen, now there's a blast from the past! I always loved 'The Fugitive'.

    I'm sure the tube up your nose was very uncomfortable! I hope you get good results from the test. Please take care and get some rest later today!

  4. I remember David in "The Fugitive". I hope you have good news after all of your tests.

  5. Wow I hadn't heard of that medical test and you are strong to have gone through it. I can't imagine doing it.

  6. Bless your heart! I can't imagine trying to sleep with a tube running down my throat! You have definitely earned a nice, long nap! Rest well!

  7. Clearly, Lynn, you have forgotten that I very enthusiastically serenade you over the phone for your birthdays every year. Either that, or you're deliberately blocking the memory of my song stylings. Can't blame you there, though. Even I know my singing is more inspired than in tune. But I still maintain that what I lack in musicality, I make up with soul. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    This year on my birthday, my pals at Zumba class all sang to me. It was fun and unexpected. And after Zumba when I stopped into Chick-Fil-A, my favorite place for lunch, the entire CFA staff also surprised me by singing "Happy Birthday" to me. Loud, too. It was great!

    That was a sweet surprise which my husband had set up. He'd gone to CFA the day before to tell the managers that my birthday was the next day. I think my husband wanted a little fuss made over my big 6-0 birthday.

    I enjoyed both my serenades because I know and like the people who sang to me. I also know their good wishes were sincere. I don't want strangers clapping and yelling HB at me when I'm at a chain restaurant. No thanks.

    3-I'd love to unwrap a book or a big box of cash.

    4-I am as loyal a friend as the most faithful dog. I cherish my friends, remind them of that, and support them the best ways I can.

    5-As a child, I saw the "Mona Lisa" when it was in New York City, so I'd like to see "The Last Supper".

    7-Love fall here for its cooler, dryer weather and fewer allergy inducing plants than spring.

    8-Reading about your 24 hour test tubing in and out of your nose and throat just about made me gag. How you managed to tolerate that is beyond me. Praying that test result comes back terrific too!

  8. Yuck on that testing; that is one I'm going to have to remember to pass on if ever having to take it. You are a trooper to last the whole time with it; I think I would have found a way to unplug myself somehow. I do remember the Fugitive; I liked the remake movie a lot a few years later with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones. I would imagine in your neck of the woods there are lots of fall preparations; I remember what we had to do in Montana with the sprinkler systems, etc. to prepare for the winter months.


  9. I like how you have something for every size wrapped box. :)

  10. You poor dear. It sounds truly horrible. I love summer too and ice cream is the perfect summer dessert.

  11. I like what's in your gift boxes :)
    Sorry about that test, doesn't sound good at all but I'm glad about the news on your other tests!!!


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