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Monday, January 6, 2014

The One Blue Light

Every year we put 1 blue light in the window.  Only one. No other lights in any of the other windows, just this one.
A single blue light.
To light up the window
To remember all those police officers
Who gave it all
Who gave all they had
Who will never be coming home at the end of their shift
Because they gave all
Because they saved someone else
Because they ran into trouble when others run away
Because they went to work
Because they didn't come home
Because their families will never see them again
So every year, we put 1 blue light in the window to show those officers in blue that we know. We know that some will not go home.
We know that working at Christmas time is a lonely act.
We thank all those police officers who work on the holidays
We thank all those police officers who get up, get dressed, kiss their family good by and know that they may not come home.
We thank all those police officers families who share their loved ones with us knowing that they may not come home.
So we thank all those police officers and their families with 1 blue light.


  1. Awesome. Never heard of the blue light before but a lovely idea. God bless our officers and their families!

  2. That is so sweet, I haven't seen that before.

  3. I've never heard of that, but what a neat idea. My prayer is that I'll be able to finish out my career without us losing anyone in our department. 37 years so far. I can't even imagine one of ours dying. Hope it never happens.

  4. This is truly a lovely tribute to the boys (and girls) in blue. I'm so thankful that Gerry is finally retired from the police force, and in one piece too.

    Many years ago I remember asking Gerry how he reconciled being a Christian with being a police officer, having to be ready, willing, and able to shoot someone if necessary.

    In his typically humble way, Gerry answered me simply by saying that he wanted to protect people from the bad guys.

    Thank you, Gerry, for being one of the brave in blue looking out for all of us. Thank you, Gerry, for being one of the good guys.

    Thank you also to Lynn Marie, for your role as police officer's wife. I know you spent many nights and holidays alone over many years when Gerry was on the job. Supporting him gave your husband the peace of mind to concentrate on his work. You're as much a hero as Gerry.

  5. That is a great tribute for those who serve in the police force!



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