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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Birthday to Nurse Becke, the Wonder Dog

Today our Becke is officially 14 years old!! 
I've heard it said many times that we may not get the dog we want
But we get the dog we need.
Becke is truely is the dog we needed.  Her kindness, gentle spirit, and determantion have been
a source of joy and laughter for us.
If she wants you to pet her she will politly sit next net you and look at you, if you do nothing, she will
start to nudge your arm, if you do nothing she wil nudge harder.
Until she just about climbe into your lap with "I will Not Be Engored" look.
She is trained to the level of Therapy dog and Service dog and has been a reading dog as well in the past.
She is now retired form those as I'm sick but she is my therapy dog and servce dog and big sister to August. 
I tell her she has a lot to teach him so she needs to stay around a long time.  
I love my girl
Intregrety StarBeck
Becke Boo Boo
Becke, the wonder dog
I see Lobster in you future for dinner love.


  1. Happy birthday, Becke! What a great dog you are. There should be more like you.

  2. Happy Birthday to Becke! It seems like she just had a birthday because time is passing so quickly.

  3. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear Becke-e-e-e-e-e-e-e . . .
    Happy birthday to you!

    Happy birthday best wishes to Becke - the best therapy dog on the planet! May you live at least another 14 years to finish taking care of Mom and teaching August Rush everything he needs to know.

    What a beautiful old soul this dog is. You and Gerry gave her a forever home filled with love and purpose beyond breeding. You trained her as a therapy dog who worked for years bringing comfort to patients and confidence to children struggling with reading. Now Becke is retired from working for others because her full time job is as your service dog, helping Gerry take care of you.

  4. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. Our fur-children are so precious.

  5. Happy Birthday to Becke! I do believe we get the dog God wants us to have. I know Becke in so many ways is so very special to you and yours. I know Koda, in so many ways, was truly a gift from God. May they both have many more wonderful years in their respective families!


  6. Happy Birthday Becke! You are so beautiful!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to a very special girl. I hope she enjoyed her lobster dinner! :)


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