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Life is not always clear and easy to figure out. So grab a cup of coffee and your bifocals and let's see what we can see.

How to Add My Button

How to copy my buttons onto your blog
1.     1. Copy the photo and place it on your desktop (or someplace where you will remember it) If you have a Mac computer, click on the photo and drag it to your desktop.
2.     2. Go to your Dashboard and select DESIGN
3.     3. Click on ADD A GADGET
4.     4. Select PICTURE
5.     5Upload my button picture from your computer (do you remember where you put it?) In the “Link” section add my blog info which is http://lifethroughbifocals.blogspot.com/
6.    6Hit SAVE and that should be it.  You will see the button but not the code under it.