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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

From Our House to Yours.

As we all celebrate this season, please remember why we celebrate.

Thousands of babies have become kings.
1 King became a baby. 

Merry Christmas to All 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Did You Notice?

Were you aware?
It's Officially Winter!
Here it came in like a lamb!

It was warm and wet and better yet, from now on there is more daylight every day!

I like it warm and wet.  I would prefer it warm and dry and sunny but I'll take warm and wet.

I hope you are ready for Christmas, we are!!

Have a great week

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Thank you Joyce for another weeks worth of Questions.  They were not too hard this week and for that I am doubly grateful.

1. Do you believe in miracles?
If you mean the "Parting Of The Seas" type of miracles, the kind when all the natural laws of our planet are done away with - than no, I don't believe in that. The age of that kind of miracles is over, I believe. However, everytime I see a baby, or look at the stars, or watch the snow fall, or hear thunder, or watch a flower grow, or listen to doctors who tell me how my body is designed, I see and hear about miracles.  God really knew what He was and is doing.

2. What's a recent fad you admit to trying?
I will have to wait to read what other respondents say because I can't think of one. I'm not usually tempted by fads.

3. Peppermint-are you a fan? If so, what's your favorite food or beverage containing peppermint?
image from Google
Yes I do like peppermint. When my stomach is upset, I like peppermint tea.  I also like peppermint hot cocoa.  

4. Break the ice, on thin ice, as cold as ice (emotionally, not literally)...which phrase have you run into most recently? Explain.
I really don't think that I've run into any of these recently.  I've met some of the most warm wonderful people ever to walk this planet.  I've been really blessed by this.

5. Have you ever broken or spilled something in someone else's home? Still friends?
Well, since I'm sometimes a klutz I'm sure that I've spilled something in someone's home. I'm still friends with people no matter how kultzy I am. They love and acept me, klutziness and all.

6.  'Tis the week before Christmas...are you feeling more like Buddy the Elf or the Grinch before his heart grew?
Buddy the Elf.  I Love Christmas!

7. Share a favorite quote relating to Christmas.
God Bless Us - "EVERYONE!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

We've had snow.

Lots of snow. We got about 10 inches of it.

Our front yard is very pretty and white. The roads are a bit hard to drive on.

Both dogs prefer to dream about spring however.

And as I type this, it's snowing - again!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Hodgepodge Here We Come!

1. Are you doing anything special to mark this season of Advent? If so please share.

2. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen...and of course you recall, the most famous reindeer of all...so, which reindeer name best describes you this week? 

Comet, as we drive from place to place on iced roads and we slide all over the place. Good thing Hubby is a good driver on ice. 

3. What's worse-too quiet or too loud? Which have you had more of lately?
Too loud is far worse than too quiet! I can't hear myself think and I need to hear myself think. this week, it's been too loud.

4. This question comes to you from Zoanna over at A Penchant for Pens-thanks Zo! 
When you are administratively gifted, how often do you find yourself not trusting less gifted people to do what they've committed to do?  If you are not so gifted that way, but are reliable, how do you feel when the stronger person (in that area) goes ahead and covers it before giving you a chance to come through? 
I really don't like when someone jumps in and covers what I was given to do before I get to do it.  I'm really good at getting the job done and usually before it's needed to be done so let me do my job!! Luckily, that doesn't happen very often at all.

5. What is your most dreaded task relating to the holidays? Your most looked forward to holiday task?

I love Christmas so the only thing I can think of is taking it all down when the season is over.  I love it all!

6. Facebook has released its list of the 'most talked about' topics of 2013. Pope Francis took the number one spot.  Does that surprise you? He was followed by election, royal baby, typhoon, and Harlem Shake. Your thoughts? What was your most talked about topic in 2013? (Facebook, around the kitchen table, or wherever it is you talk)

I'm glad that Pope Francis was number one. He has done some really good things even going after a member who was "too showy" and he wants to help the poor more.  Nice man from what I can see. Seems like everyone likes him and he is humble as well. Our most talked about topic in 2013 - Cancer.

7. What's something you consider a necessity that others might view as a luxury?

My cell phone.  I use it for work as well as fun so getting email from work on it is a necessity. Also I take photos of dog that I am training and then print those photos for the owners.  They like the little touch.  

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
We are up north in Lebanon NH (2 hours north of us) talking to the Transplant doctor.  I'm still on for stem cell harvesting so we are up there seeing what is next to do.  I may not be on line but I will catch up with you all when I can.  Have a great day and hop around visiting others today OK?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Thank you once again Joyce for the wonderful questions - a few were hard and I had to really think about the answers.  

1. According to Oxford Dictionaries, the 2013 word of the year is 'selfie'. Your thoughts? When did you last take a selfie? Do you post them online somewhere?  Do you prefer to be in front of the camera or behind the lens?

I prefer to be behind the camera but lately I've taken many selfie's.  I wanted people to know that I'm good and strong and fighting cancer with all I have.  I wanted to document my ever changing hair and skin issues.  I posted them on FB and sent them to some folks.

2. Will you send out Christmas cards this year? If so, are they ready to go? If not, are you glad or sad about leaving that tradition behind?
Yes, we send out Christmas cards but they are not ready to go yet.  I've been busy with other things but I know that I still have time and that those who will get them will understand that I've been busy with other things.  That's why I love them!
3. Do you trust easily?
Yes but I don't "re-trust" easily as in, if I'm hurt by someone, it will harder for me to trust that person again.

4. Pine-cinnamon-peppermint-vanilla (as in sugar cookie)...of those listed, which one is your favorite December scent?

Cinnamon. There is just something about Cinnamon that makes me smile.

5. Did you do more talking or more listening yesterday? Was that by choice or necessity?
Listening, by choice. I'm naturally shy and an introvert so talking is hard, even around those I consider friends.

6. What's the last song that got stuck in your head? Sorry if it's back there now :  )
"The Battle Belong to the Lord", it has been one of the fight songs that got me through Chemo and I sing it often.

7. Which world explorer (in the whole history of the world) would you most like to have traveled with, and why? 

I'll pick Adam.  He may not have been considered an explorer but he walked with God for a bit and explored the garden of Eden.  I would have loved to have been there when he gave the animals their names.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

A friend made me this "Remission" towel for us and it now hangs over the stove handle.  It was waiting for us Sunday night as our Bible small group was getting together to study.  It was on the back of a chair that I moved to get to the fireplace where I sat on the hearth with my back to a nice warm roaring fire!  I never saw the towel!! Some days I'm blond!!  The other members of the small group had a celebration for us and for our good news.  A few pies and carrot pudding and lots of ice cream, whipped cream and hot cocoa made for a wonderful evening.  Every time I look at the towel, I thank God for His answer and for our friends!

I also want to thank each of you who left such wonderful comments on my post last week.  I told you in last weeks Hodgepodge that I was in Remission and so many of you sent well wishes. It was truly overwhelming.  Many of you I don't know in person and have come to love you because of this blog.  Yet, you all gave me such support and love and understanding. I will forever be grateful for that.  It's been a wonderful, scary, hard, sickening, humbling and beautiful experience.  Who ever thought I would use some of those words to describe Cancer? 

So now it's your turn. How would you answer these questions?  Go on, answer the questions.