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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life is Blooming Around Here!

Finally Spring has showed up and I am so thankful for what I see around me. The ground has warmed and like magic, the earth has given up what for so long has been waiting to bloom.

Without the cold, there is no appreciation of the warm. Without the hard, no appreciation of soft. Without the winter, spring has no real meaning.

God has planted in each of us the seed of what we will become.  It is through trials, tribulation, coldness and hardness around us that we experience, that the bloom of what He is making us to be can be shown.

When we think we failed, we can ask for His forgiveness and move on. When we wonder if we will ever become what He wants us to be, remember we are still a tender shoot. We are still growing, reaching for what we will become.  

What was planted, will not look like what comes out of the ground. What God has planted in us, will come out looking different to. The body we will get in Heaven will look nothing like the body we have now. It will be better, stronger, - perfect.

As I look around my yard and see some of the flowers in full blooms, others still shooting up out of the ground. And others- still others- just breaking free of the soil - I wonder, "Which one am I like Lord?"

As I see the rock garden with the flowers, chickens and hens growing, I wonder- "Am I a flower, the chicken, the hen, the ground or the rocks?" Sometimes I fear, I am all of them it all depends on the circumstances.  

Life is blooming all around me. I want to bloom as well.  How about you.


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos ... I love seeing the signs of spring after such a long, hard winter. And I love how you use those signs to remind us of some deep spiritual truths. Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. Such a nice, thought-provoking post. Happy sping!

  3. Lovely post and photos. Happy Spring to you! :)

  4. Very well said. Love the beautiful flowers and plants. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Oh, how I love the beginning of spring! I've been thrilled so far to see which of my plants that I planted last year are actually coming back up...I'm not much of a gardener!

  6. So happy it finally arrived. Enjoy!


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