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Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Review: 400/800 Mile Challenge

This weekend I I met my fitness goal again!  The original goal was to move a total of 400 miles in the year 2011! Ellie over at Books, Fitness, and Other Stuff, created the challenge and started the ball rolling. I met the 400 mile goal back in On March 14th  so I doubled it to 800 miles and this past Friday I met that!! I was so excited that Hubby took me out for a Dairy Queen Mini Blizzard!  No it is not Low Carb but I was celebrating and knew that I could work it off. I had asked you all what reward I should give myself for reaching the 800 mile mark and many of you told me to go someplace warm!  Well gas being what it is, I opted to use the gift certificate that I had gotten for my birthday from Hubby and scheduled a "Spar Day".  Yup, a 1 hour massage with most of my body covered by heated sheets with one body part sticking out at a time, followed by a 1 hour facial and I was "butter" trying to drive home. I wanted to sleep so bad.  I was warm all over! Oh my!!! That was just heavenly. Have you ever had a massage and facial? If not, mothers day is coming and you should really leave hits that you would like to go.  Believe me, you will feel wonderful after they are done with you.  Heated sheets, heated towels, it was really a real treat.  Now, just in case he's reading this, I would love a pedicure.....Just saying.

Well what is a girl to do who has met the 400 Challenge twice now??? I added another 400 miles to the challenge and so I'm working towards 1200 miles.  Any idea what the reward should be for that one???
You can see my Miles To Date on the side bar if you want to know how close I am to the 3rd goal of 1200 miles.

Other than that, I raked the yard (all done finally), shopped, and made an appointment with the Red Cross to donate blood.  I don't know how things work with the Red Cross where you are but up her you can't just walk in and give blood. The state is small and so the same people that conduct the blood drives in different locations also collect blood at there base office so they have really odd hours. I had to call the 800# and give them my contact information and they will call me back to set up the appointment.  I found that odd but completely understand. I am waiting for them to call me back and then I will roll up my sleeve and let them take whatever they can get. Have you ever given blood? What was your experience?    How was your weekend?


  1. I used to give blood regularly when I was younger, and when ex-DH & I lived in Germany (he was in the military) in the mid-1980s. Sometime in the mid- to late-90s, though, the Red Cross began excluding people who had spent time in Europe from donating - I think they are afraid I have Mad Cow disease or something. Regardless, I'm no longer eligible to donate. Always felt like I was doing something good & truly helpful, and I wish I could still do it.

  2. I have tried to donate blood several times. My iron is always low and they turn me away. Like Caroline I can no longer give since I lived in Germany from 1993-1996. I was shocked when I was told that. Thank you for donating!

  3. Congrats on reaching your goal. That is so cool. Are you walking or running...just wondering. The massage sounds wonderful and I hope hubby gets the hint and gets you the pedicure. You definitely deserve it after 800 miles.
    I've given blood several times. It was no problem at all.

  4. Congratulations on reaching your 2nd goal! That massage sounds absolutely wonderful (especially with my lower back bothering me again).

    I'd love to donate blood. But it's a major ordeal just to get blood for tests ... my veins are tiny and mobile. The technicians have to either use a pediatric needle or do some exploring to be able to get a vein. :-(

  5. Thanks for the information! Sounds like a great challenge. I need to do something for sure.

  6. I use to give blood in the past many years ago. I too have small veins and it was a bit of a trick to get blood from me --- but the need is so great right now so I'm hoping it will be easier now and that they can sure use it. Will let you know.

  7. Congrats on reaching your goal. I just said the other day that I am in need of a facial.

    I am not allowed to give blood because I lived in England. I believe this goes back to the days of Mad Cow in the UK which were long gone before I got there but the policy is still in place.

  8. congrats for meeting your fitness goals! Now on to the next 400 miles!! and yum to treat yourself to a bit of a blizzard and a spa day!! Drink lots of water the day you donate blood or the week before if you have time. I drink lots of water and my veins practically stand up there saying "choose me" when I have to give blood. I've donated a few times, I've gotten out of the habit, should get back to it. I always like to give blood because they "make" you have orange juice and something sweet before you get to leave, always an incentive for me, LOL :)

    good for you though for realizing the need and stepping up to donate!



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