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Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Review: 400/800/1200 Mile Challenge

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I think I must be the last on on the challenge to log in over at Shanae's.  She is the host of the 400 mile challenge and by the looks over there, a lot of ladies were really moving! Swimming, spinning class? WOW these people are really getting tone.  I on the other hand have not gone swimming or spinning but I still got in a lot of miles. A whole lot of weed pulling, house painting (a real work out for the arms), stationary bike riding and step aerobics is what I did this past week.  My total for the week was a whopping 77.75 for a Y.T.D. total of 957.25!  I am well on the way to1200 and still looking for a reward after I reach it - any ideas?   

Shanae asked a good question for this week: "How did exercise feel for you this week?"
When I first started exercising, I had to push myself to get on the bike and could only do about 1 1/2 mile! I also had a hard time motavating myself to do the step aerobics.  With the day light shining earlier each day and the promise of nicer weather, I find that I really want to get moving and so exercise is feeling better ever day.  I find that I can eat more (who wouldn't love that) and that I can fit into smaller clothes but the best part is my arthritis feeling better, my back is feeling better and I am sleeping better.

Other than that, my weekend was normal, Saturday work on painting and weeding - Sunday it rained all day so it was a great time to clean the family room and believe me it needed cleaning!  I have the stationary bike there and sewing machine so you would think it would be cleaner but alas, it is not. I go down, get on the bike, turn on the TV, and peddle then jump off and come up stares and continue my day. With company on the way, it was time to get the room in shape so that is what I did. Now it's nice and clean and ready for the company.  How was your weekend?


  1. I enjoyed a rainy Sunday also. So peaceful!

  2. Rainy here on Sunday and looked like rain all day Saturday. I am craving warm weather and sunshine!! Enjoy your week.

  3. you continue to do great with this challenge! WTG!! I know I might not enjoy getting up to go and exercise at the gym, but once I get there (and done) I always feel better and it does help my body be less stiff, less painful, etc! Rainy days are good to get things done inside indeed!


  4. Lynn Marie,
    Thank you for the kind recognition in this post. Wow 77 miles is awesome. You are really booking. I am so glad that you are sleeping better and seeing so many benefits.
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