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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting ready for Fall

During the Storm that was Irene, I often got on Face Book to see how others were doing and to check on  there pets as some of my friends have dogs that panic during storms.  As you can see from the picture above, Becke was beside herself with worry!  She really doesn't care about much and is so easy going that I find it hard to hear about friends dogs hiding in the bath tub, or under the bed!  My heart goes out to them every time I read the stories of the poor babies hiding and so afraid.
Well, TV was only about the storm, we were safe and so I decided it was time to get out some of the Fall decorations.  After all, all the outside decorations were put away so it seemed just natural to get a jump start on Fall. Plus when I wake up it's in the low 50's and I need to grab a sweater so I'm feeling like it is Fall already. I know we still have 3 weeks of Summer left and man-on-man do I hope we get all 3 weeks of warm weather! I sure don't want to rush the seasons at all!!!

I love bird houses and I have several with a Fall theme so I scattered them around the house, including here in the bath room.

One of the new toy chest's also got a bit of fall color and it's OK if our Grand daughter plays with it.

And of course Becke's feeding center needed some decorations as well. She didn't even notice! She just cared that the food dish had food in it! Go figure!!!     

Are you taking out your fall decorations and putting them around the house?  Even though it's still SUMMER!


  1. I laughed out loud at your remark about Becke not noticing her decorations. I'm not surprised ... those labs are all about the food. ;-)

    Wish we could get some fall-like weather. Supposed to get back to near 100 again this week. :-(

  2. It was 108 here a couple of days ago so I can't even think of fall decorations. I did see a lot of cute pumpkins at the store though so maybe if we all decorate, it would cool off.

  3. It is so nice here today I actually needed a fleece when I took the rubbish bin to the curb this morning. High of 80...so lovely. I won't get fall decorations out until mid Septemer though. We have two weekends filled with summer like events coming up and I want to savor them.

  4. I am so ready for the Fall. It has been so hot and dry this summer. And I'm ready for cooler weather.

  5. I actually had planned on taking my fall decorations out today. Then my sister and her 3 kids came over to shower since they are still without power or water from Irene. Now it is time to start dinner. Maybe tomorrow.

    Love the birdhouses!

  6. It's sad when dogs get scared. You certainly can't talk them down. Love your decorations. I am so not ready for Fall!

  7. Oh I love the picture of Becke! So sweet. Unfortunately Clancy is one who is terrified of storms, it breaks my heart how scared he gets, but nothing seems to help.

    Love the fall decorations. Fall is probably my favorite time of the year, I love everything about it.

  8. I'm holding out on decorating until September arrives...one more day to go! I love your birdhouses, by the way!


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