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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Short Funny Story

I am a dog lover and so a friend gave me a box with coffee mug inside. I was so happy to get a mug with Dog lover on it and quickly opened the box. The cup inside however was this....

I am not a big sports fan and clearly not a sports Fanatic! I enjoy baseball, if I'm there but do not watch it on TV at all.  And Football!!! I will never understand that game. So the mug is just too funny to me.  The giver was willing to take it back and exchange it for me, but it was just so funny to me I have to keep it!  She is a HUGE football fan which makes the mug even more funny.

So I'm having coffee in my dog lover/sports fanatic mug and thinking of someone special and laughing.

How about you, ever get a funny gift that was suppose to be sweet instead?  


  1. When I was a Pre-teen I won a prize through my sister's school. They apparantly read my name as 'Michael' instead of 'Michelle'. So thinking I was a guy they brought me men's cologne. After seeing their mistake they allowed me to pick a different prize. I chose a pretty necklace.

  2. How funny! I don't know that I've ever had anything like that happen. You'll always remember your friend when you drink from that mug! ;-) Hope you're having a terrific Tuesday!

  3. That's funny-now some football fan has a mug that says dog lover : )

  4. Funny story! You'll probably enjoy the mug twice as much, since there's a story attached. I'm with you--love dogs, hate sports! LOL

  5. Oh that is funny! I would have kept the mug, too. It is a great memory.

  6. I love the story! I too love animals but do not like sports, I just can not understand all the hype about a football, or baseball..basketball, player. I think the Mug is hilarious and wonder who has your Dog Lovers mug!

  7. Cute story. So now when you drink your coffee you will always remember her.


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