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Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day: A Day to Rest from Labor

I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day. For many who work outside of the home, it is a day off that we relish. There are so few days that many of us get to stay home, rest, enjoy our families and friends and not feel guilty. For those of you in the path of Topical Storm Lee, I pray that you are all safe and dry. I see on the weather channel that it is pretty bad in some states. Be safe, get to where you can be safe and take your pets with you.
This weekend was a weekend of  starting's - By that I mean, starting projects that I hope to finish by next weekend.

Such as this garden as it looks now - 
Really needs these weeds and such to be cleaned up.

And this well cover-
Is screaming for a fresh coat of paint.

I did start both, but they are not done yet so I will show you as soon as I can.

I did work on my personal challenge and I am up to 2044! I have only 356 miles to go!

Enjoy your day everyone - hug someone and say a prayer for our country - she really needs it.


  1. Have fun with your projects! Once again we are in the fence building mode around here. Hope to get lots accomplished today.

  2. Even though we still find ourselves looking forward to holidays. ;-) Enjoy your Labor Day ... and good luck with yourr projects!

  3. Hope your having a great day. Way to go on the milage!


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