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Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Review: Heat!

WOW! What a difference a day makes!  I really wanted to put on my flip flops and enjoy the last weekend of Summer, instead I put on the heat and curled up under a blanket (electric throw) on the couch.  The temps went down so low, we had a light frost here!  
Hubby was away for a few days helping out at the Ladies Retreat (in the kitchen feeding them all) so I was left to entertain myself. I really like those days because I can eat (or not), clean early (or not) and watch what I like on TV (which is lots of HGTV-BTW)

Well you know what they say about the best laid plans right.......

Friday night I wanted to watch something on channel 5 so I put the TV on channel 5 to watch the show and then for some reason, because this type "A" person had too many irons in the fire, doing too many things at once, I lost the remote and was stuck with channel 5 (which was football, both collage and pro from 7:30pm on....). So I had sports to watch in the living room once the other projects were done. OK we have more than one TV but without the remote I couldn't find a way to turn OFF the TV. Our TV doesn't have a power button, it's all remote controlled. What's a girl to do??? I FaceBooked my dilemma and only received laughs from my "Friends". When they found out that hubby was away at camp, they then FaceBooked back and forth camp songs!! Hey, what about some sympathy here!! None...I was told to simply unplug the TV.  Some Friends!! I love them all and it was funny. I even told hubby who laughed as well - for quite some time.

As for projects, I turned this Microwave cabinet 
Into this with left over paint
Took the  Ice Box  from the above picture and added some details and got this.
Fall table cloths added to the tea cart, gives a new look as well
Washing the floor, moving funiture and putting the room back together, makes our dinning area look ready for fall.
Bird seed on the floor by the freezer will go into the feeders soon.

So even though I wanted summer heat, I got home oiled heat and lots done while Hubby was away.  He goes away later for hunting season, wonder what I'll do then?????

On my personal challenge, I'm up to 2186!  I was able to get in the equivalent of 73 miles this week!  Remember, it's not just walking...bike riding, painting, weights, step aerobics and Zumba all counts.  I'm getting there! How was your weekend?


  1. The microwave cart looks great! It always amazes me what a little paint can do.

  2. Our TV is the same way. I didn't even think it had a power button, but the grandkids showed me where it was the other day. ;-) So at least I could turn ours off if I couldn't find the remote. I think I'd have to turn it off rather than watch football. ha!

    Your projects turned out well!

    And congrats on continuing to make progress on your challenge.

  3. Love the paint job on the microwave cart and the icebox. My mom has one of those and I have always loved it.

    Great job!!

  4. I had to laugh--I couldn't get our tv to turn off one night either! I finally did resort to unplugging it, after I panicked. I'm just not so sure about these things with no on/off switch!

    It looks like you had a productive weekend. I love how your projects turned out.

    Wow, frost already! We made it down to 60 degrees--and my husband brought out the long sleeved shirts! He's funny.

  5. You sure do keep youself busy. Why weren't you at the woman's retreat?

  6. @My kid's mom yes the ice box is from the late 40's and I love it. It was in our kitchen being used when I was little! I had to work, hubby is retired not me that is why I didn't go to the retreat.

  7. We can be so productive when we're by ourselves, can't we! Loved this post, loved the teapots, and love to see people be creative in whatever way moves them!

    Here in NC it's beginning to look and feel like autumn, too, and I have my home decorated for the season, too.


  8. so I'm wondering, did you ever find the remote? that is a cute story though! That was neat for your hubby to go and cook for the ladies retreat. I'm like Debby, wondering why you didn't go to it, but I'm thinking maybe something to do with health? Regardless, your holder table for the microwave came out great with your sprucing it up!! I always liked a little bit of time alone like this, when hubby used to travel a bit. It was nice to have the remote to myself and like you said to eat or not eat, etc. Great job again with your challenge!


  9. Did you find your remote? That would have made me crazy : ) Reading blogs today is inspiring me to get my house cleaned so I can decorate for fall!

  10. Oh Wow, I don't know what I would have done if all I had to watch was sports.
    I pretend to be interested in it when the boys are home, but it's not something I want to watch when they are away.

    What did I do over the weekend?
    Well, it started out by seeing several organizing tips on Pinterest. I couldn't help myself :)
    I finally organized the craft closest and sorted through magazines :)
    I'm actually loving Pinterest.


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