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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Product Review: Pet Gear Car Carrier

Becke is teaching her little Brother August to stay safe in the hall just outside the kitchen, when I'm cooking.  What a good big sister.  Safety is important.

That is why I bought this car carrier for August.
Pet Gear Car Carrier holds pets up to 15 pounds

It has a top opening so you can pet your pet safety and even give them food and water.

Inside the door is a small dish to hold the treats and water

It comes with a waterproof mat all ready attached.

I added a soft warm mat over that, but you have to.

The base is held in place by the adult seat belt and the red button on the front releases the carrier so you can bring it inside if you need to (like at the vets where there are lots of big sick dogs) It also levels the carrier - no more folded towels under one end of the crate!

It all comes in one big box and it all goes together very easily.

I got mine on eBay but it was coming right from the company. Wayfair is a local company to us, housed in Boston MA. The price was $37.99 and that included shipping. I ordered it on a Saturday evening and had it on Tuesday Morning.  Now the baby is safe in the car. There website is www.wayfair.com. If you have a small pet and that pet goes with you in the car, how do you travel with them? 

This is an honest  review of the Pet Gear Car Carrier. I was neither asked to review this product nor was I paid in any way. I simply bought what I thought was a great product and wanted to share my opinion.


  1. Sweet! I'll have to remember that if we ever get another little dog.

  2. I never knew there were so many neat products for pets :)

  3. It does look cool! I wonder if they make it in bigger sizes? I do like that it attaches to the seatbelt in the car. Thanks for the review!


  4. Your puppy must've been so thankful to you when you got this pet gear car carrier for it! That was a great find… your puppy must have grown quite a bit by now. Do you still use it?

  5. Question? How secure on that base is the carrier? Did you do a test to see if, you tugged on it would it come off?


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