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Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Review: Puppy is the Pirority

This was a weekend of just getting around the duties associated with having a puppy. Luckily he is great in his crate in the car and sleeps in there. But the routine right now is wake up early and out he goes. Then back to bed for hopefully 2 more hours of sleep. Then up again, out again. Feed breakfast wait 10 minutes and out again. Then it's nap time but if you think I can then start laundry or sew, you would be wrong because most of the time he sleeps on me! He curls up on my foot and sleeps, or climbs on my lap and sleeps. I know that this time is short, he will start being awake for longer time periods and so I sit while he sleeps. I type, I talk on the phone or serf Facebook/web, until he wakes up, then he goes out. Then we are off shopping for food. Then putting food away but first, you know it we go back out. Then it's time to eat again and we repeat going outside. So even though there is lot to do around here, puppy comes first.  Those of you with puppies can relate, I'm sure.  Those of you with babies can relate, I'm sure. Those of you with neither, can sleep in!

Becke enjoys the quiet time when August is sleeping because when he's awake, he's chasing toys, running with toys, stealing things that are NOT toys, eating, chasing her tail and then getting dizzy and falling into something. Becke can get away from all of that but she never seems to go far. She stays pretty close to watch the puppy.  She is such a good big sister.

I did get most of the back yard raked which is good and since the yard is fenced in, it was just a matter of  letting August run around chasing the leaves as I raked them.  The front yard will have to wait for now. Hopefully it will get done before we get snow!

I got to watch the grand girls and it was there first time for them to see the puppy. Becke was glad that the oldest grand daughter has someone else to chase which gives her a break! But August was overwhelmed by the grand daughters. Luckily we have a play pen for him and so he ran inside and wouldn't come out. I zipped it up and kept him safe from the girls.  He was glad to be safe and curled up and took a nap.

Just in case you can't see him, he's the little spot in the front of the play pen.  He really did a great time with the girls! I know that he will find his "safe spot" as he gets older and will be able to go there to get away but right now, he wants to see what is happening and so this way   he is safe. 

A close up of him sleeping safe and away from a 2 1/2 and a 9 month old who just wanted to hug him over and over.  

Hubby was away at a men's Christian seminar and he was in northern Maine where it was just plain cold. This seminar had been rescheduled from a few months back when it would have been beautiful but is was cold for him this time. Because he is a smart man who knows how to plan, he was well prepared for the rustic rooms without heat.  He packed our little camping space heater and willingly shared the heat with anyone. I'm sure glad to have him back. Now it's time to get ready for Thanksgiving.  What was your weekend like and what are your Thanksgiving plans?


  1. My weekend was to busy! I like things at a slower pace. We will be dining at my mother-in-laws along with dozens of aunts, uncles and cousins. Always fun!

    Enjoy your sweet puppy!

  2. I love puppies, but I think our next dog will be an older one ... still young at heart, but past the puppy stage. ;-)

    We'll have Thanksgiving with family (my sister and her S.O., my dad, my DSIL's parents and sister) over at DD's house.

    Give that puppy a kiss from me!

  3. That puppy is so cute. I found myself looking online for puppies this weekend after seeing so many adorable pictures of your new one. However, I know I really can't do that right now. We just don't have time for another dog (translate that I'm not willing to do all you're doing at this point in my life). So we'll just stick with our Lily for now.

  4. Puppies are the best. I know he is keeping you busy and changing your routine but the love they give is so worth it!

  5. A few months ago I was going through the daily pee/sleep/eat/pee/play/pee/eat some more/pee some more routine with my little Remy.

    I thought we were out of the housetraining woods two weeks ago. I was wrong.

    When Remy discovered how to lift his leg and decided to practice his new skill indoors, I knew I was in for another round of house training.

    Now it's belly bands and back to running him outside every hour and half - just like old times - sigh . . .

    Despite the fatigue of 24/7 puppy patrol,it's a joy having a new dog. Happily, this high maintenance time is short but over the long term, the training we invest in our little ones now will pay off in years to come.

    August is as precious as ever and I'm so happy to be able to watch him grow up through LWB!

  6. Adorable puppy! And in some ways they require more attention than babies! I have a certain 3 year old that makes sure we don't get to sleep in very often! But that's okay!

    We are going to AL to my brother's house for Thanksgiving and then we are some of the crazy folks that do Black Friday shopping. But boy do we have fun! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving Lynn Marie! :0


  7. August will get lost in the snow once it comes! You'll have to shovel out an area for him outside (been there done that with Koda LOL when we lived in Montana).

    Those puppy days! I remember being exhausted keeping up with sending Koda outside, but it does pay off because they do get it and then he rarely if ever had an accident insided.

    I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! I know you will enjoy it because hubby will be home and not have to work a shift, etc!



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