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Monday, February 3, 2014

The Night Shift!

If you have ever been in the hospital overnight you will know that sleeping in a hospital is hard because there is the wonderful night nurse who comes by to check on you.  Sometimes waking you up to take your temp or BP.  Sometimes they wake you up to ask how well you feel or how well you are sleeping.  We all growl at the night nurse, the hall lights are still on and so the light is in your room too. You may even have a room mate who keeps the TV on at all hours! 

I have been blessed with 2 --3rd shifts nurses, Becke and August.  They each take turns to check on me during the night when I would love to be dreaming of laying on the waters edge by a lake or laying in the sun working on my tan (not really, I don't tan I burn but you get the idea).  Instead Becke walks over to me and nudges my elbow until I open my eyes and say "I'm good darling, go back to bed" she then walks back to her bed and lays down. 2 hours later she's back doing it again!  In between August kisses my cheek or nose until I pet him and say "I'm good, go to sleep". He then curls up on the small spot on the bed and sleeps.  He will be back!! And so my evening goes.  Finally I'm up, I make them their breakfast, I let them out to "go", and I turn on the morning news. The night shift over, my nurses can now relax, no problems on their watch.


  1. How blessed you are to have two loving night nurses. ;-)

  2. You have two of the most adorable night nurses ever! Sweet post :)

  3. Those are the best night nurses to have! They take such great care of you!!

  4. I think dogs have a sense about our health, and are extra watchful when they know something isn't quite as it should be. So glad you have such excellent night nurses : )

  5. So true, you can't sleep much in the hospital, the same things happen all day long, the constant checking by each shift.

    That is too cute, I love your two night nurses, they are doing and excellent job!

  6. Oh, that is so sweet! There is nothing quite like a wonderful dog.

  7. Too cute! Couldn't ask for cuter nurses!



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