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Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Review

Some of our flowers are popping up out of the ground which is a great and so many people put some plants in the ground. Up here in NH us "old Timers" know that until we hit Memorial Day it's better to keep those plants in pots so that they can go out in the sun and come in every night.  We are expecting temps in the teens so those same people who put plants in the ground are now doing their best to cover them with mulch, hay, plastic, whatever they got.  We just got rid of the snow!  Still too early for plants in the ground. Do you have your plants in the garden yet?  

This past weekend our church had a Youth Rally.  Teens from all over New England and their chaperone's come up Friday evening thru Sunday at noon. They have a series of lectures, service projects, games, songs and yes, some down time.  They sleep in members homes and Hubby and I were one of these homes.  We ended up with 4 boys staying with us.  The host homes are responsible for breakfast and, if they want, they can have snacks on hand as well.  Well, boys like to eat so they we had lots to snack on and drink and they did their best to clean us out.

One of the boys was SO not a morning person that is was very funny. He would show up in the morning and just stand there. One of the chaperone's would say "Good Morning" and he would just stand there. We would say "Would you like something to eat?" He would nod but not move.  You could tell that he really wanted to go back to bed.  He was so cute.

Becke was perfect with them, the same boy was not a fan of dogs and would avoid both of them. Becke would lay on the floor and just look towards him. By the end of the weekend, he was petting her. She is the perfect therapy dog, never demanding, just waiting.  

August, was barked a bit at first, but did really well once we told them to simply ignore him.  August did go up to them, sniff their shoes, back up and come to me. I gave him a treat.  By the end of the weekend, even the boy that was not a fan was able to look at him, and the others were able to pet him. 
Saturday morning they had to be back at the church building for 8:30 for a full day of activities. The boys got back to our house sometime around 9:30pm and stayed up watching movies and talking. You can be sure Sunday morning they were all tired.  

Once the kids went back to the building, we were on our own.  It was warm enough to go outside and try to find our front yard. 

We managed to find the front yard.  We are still looking for the 2 sides but at least the front and back are done.  Both dogs hung out with us out there.  It was a good day. Hubby is not a fan of yard work, but he loves me so he was out there working with me getting a lot done!  The black flies are not out yet, but the ticks are!  Checking everyone for ticks once we all get in takes a while, especially August with all that hair!

The rest of the weekend included Sunday morning worship (saying good by to the young men who stayed with us - and seeing our "Non-morning" boy wide awake), catching up on some of the TV shows that we ended up missing because of...whatever, and small group.  

I was one tired lady after what turned out to be one busy weekend so a nap was much needed and received.

This week, we are due for some rain. Not all week, just at times and not the kind that comes down in buckets, but a nice slow warm rain that will turn our front yard from brown to green.  Temps will be in the high 40's and low 50's during the day. 

I hope you had a great weekend and if you have any garden photos, please share. I hope we get a garden in the ground, last summer we missed it.  


  1. We never put plants out before May, usually Mother's Day is safe here. I'm not even too tempted this year because it has been so cold still. We had a sunny weekend, but in the 40's. Spring is a long time comin'!

  2. I don't put any potted plants out until Mother's Day. We won't plant anything (other than onions) in our garden until later next week.

  3. Sounds like a very enjoyable weekend. So cute that Becke managed to make even a non-dog person a fan. It's so hard for me to comprehend not liking dogs that I can't even imagine it though. If I had been one of those boys I would have been all over Becke and August. :D

  4. Sounds like you were busy, busy, busy this weekend!

    As you know, we put our plants in the ground early here. By Memorial Day, we're already having to worry about the heat killing our plants. It's funny how different it is in different parts of the country.

    I'll be sharing garden pictures soon!

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend with those boys. We don't do a garden and any flowers I have are usually in pots. I'm not a fan of yard work. .

    Hope you get to plant a garden this year though.

  6. How nice of you to have the boys stay at your house. Sounds like a busy weekend, no wonder you are tired. We always waited until May 15th in Illinois to do our planting. Hope you have a great week.

  7. How nice of you to open up your home to those young men. I bet the dogs wondered what the heck is going on! lol.. Our spring had been very cold. No garden in the ground yet.


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