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Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Review: A few random blessings

We have an "Easy Up" canopy over the deck which has come in handy this past week.

We didn't water the garden all week!  Not because we are lazy, but because it rained all week and weekend.  No, not the all day every day kind of rain but downpours off and on every day  and weekend. So no sooner were we outside, we had to come in because it was pouring.  Thunder and lightning followed by downpours!  I'm so grateful that neither dogs are afraid of thunder and lightning. So 2 blessings, one - didn't have to water and two- dogs who are not afraid of thunder and lightning.

Both dogs refused to go out and decided they could hold it until it stopped.  I disagreed and won that argument.  They went out!  It's amazing how fast 2 dogs can "go" when its pouring out there!  They would run down the stairs and "go" under the deck, then run back into the house.

Hubby has been on cleaning duty for 9 weeks now and he is absolutely wonderful. He was even caught chasing down cob webs and dusting ceiling fans. I love how he took the ceiling fan brush and adapted it to reach the ceilings as well.  I cannot take credit for his cleaning skills. His mom and grandmother get that credit.  He was raised in a home where everyone cleaned, no matter what gender they were.  Thank you to both women. I am blessed by all the training you gave him, and blessed that he is so willing to do it all!!

Becke, is almost 13-1/2 years old.  We are blessed to have her with us every day.  She suffers when the air gets thick with humidity and the temps climb to the mid 80's and above.  She has given up jumping up on the bed and she is not light to lift, nor does she like to be lifted, so she was very glad to get a new orthopedic bed big enough for her.  It sits at the foot of our bed, where she gets a nice cross breeze from the ceiling fan blowing down and the air from the window A/C unit coming across.  She gets right on it and gets her self comfy and falls fast asleep. What a blessing to still have her every day.

August has been doing Agility with his Auntie Paula and he loves agility and Paula so much. He makes me smile every time I see his funny face.  He is getting fast too!  
I don't know why but sometimes when I post a YouTube video, it shows up on my computer but not on others.  So you can also see the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R88eiyYLHpk

Our weekend was spent mostly doing some shopping (inside because of the rain), watching the rain reports, and watching the TV shows that I missed during the week. We had a great worship service and again just relaxed.  I am blessed to have these restful weekends because this week is a busy week for doctor appointments. 

Most importantly, today, July 1st is our 41st Wedding anniversary.  We were high schools sweethearts and married right out of high school. Little did we know what life would toss at us.  Little did we understand just how much we would grow as a couple in our struggles. Little did we understand just how much we needed God or just how much we would become "ONE".  My life is made richer because of the man that I married.  I am so blessed to have Hubby in my life. He really does complete me. We often think the same thing, or finish each other's sentences.  Every day we realize  just how much we love and need each other.  My life is better because of Hubby.  Happy Anniversary to the love of my life.   We plan to eat out at a very nice restaurant and exchange cards. I'm hoping the rain lets up and we can drive up the coast and let the dogs run along the ocean.  We'll see.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! 41 years should most definitely be celebrated!

  2. Thank you, I'm pretty proud that wemade it to 41 years. Not many couples do that anymore.

  3. Happy 41st anniversary to you! I wish you many more happy years together, too :)

    I enjoyed reading your "random blessings". Your weather sounds somewhat like ours, but we're having a lot more showers!

    Your deck sure looks inviting, as does Becke's new bed! I'm sure she's enjoying it.

    I hope you have a great week.

    PS If we lived closer, I'd be happy to show you how to 'can' veggies--and I'd even share mine with ya'. Canning isn't difficult, it's just hard work!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you two! What an accomplishment...41 years! (We will soon celebrate 31 years married). It's amazing to me too just how much we grow to love our husbands over the years. You two make a cute couple! And I can see how blessed you are!

    Your deck looks welcoming out there with the canopy. And your dog looks so sweet.


  5. Love, love the wedding pic! Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! We have had rain and more rain around here too. Hope you get to have that date night soon!

  6. Happy anniversary! 41 years together is quite an accomplishment these days.

  7. Love Becke's bed. Is August jealous of her having that big bed? Wow! August really is good at the agility stuff.

  8. Oh and Happy 41st Anniversary!!!

  9. Love the video of August. I think Skye would have fun doing that. Love Becke's new bed. Way to go hubby on doing the housework. ((HUG)) We don't get much thunder here but I know that Skye doesn't care for the fireworks. Happy Anniversary :)

  10. Happy (belated) anniversary to you two crazy kids! May you be blessed with many more happy years together. And I also love your wedding picture. You look exactly the same. Gerry - not so much. His hair's a different color and looks like there's a little bit less of it.

    Becky looks so sweet on her huge new bed. I'm so glad she's there to help take care of you.

    And August - WOW! The video at the Gym was great! What a champ running that course. I also found another video you made of him running around your backyard agility course - wild!

  11. Hey chica, Just thought I'd stop by to see how you were doing, been thinking of you and praying for you and hope chemo has been going well. Happy anniversary to you and your husband! :)

  12. Just stopping by to say hi! Have been thinking about you! Hope all is going well.


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