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Monday, February 16, 2015

Old Man Winter Wroke Up!

Our front yard in there someplace.

In November, we had snow for Thanksgiving. only enough to kill our power and make the weekend long and interesting.  In December, nothing!  We had a green Christmas and a green New Years.  I was OK with both of those.

And then came January.

Old man winter woke up and must have said "OOPS, I forgot the snow" so he opened the door to the snow storage unit and let it fall.

A lot.

And often.

In the past month we have had snow falling every few days for 3-5 inches, or a dusting to 3 inches, or  6-10 inches.  Until we have 5 feet of the stuff!  Snow banks are well over 8 feet high and trucks are on the corners knocking down the snow and trucking it away.  Where do they take the snow when they truck it out of the city?

We have icicles, or had icicles I should say.  Hubby hired someone to shovel our roof.  The man did a very nice job.  He came when he said he would, the price was fair, he got the roof clean off.

He even left a reminder for us that he was there.  Can you see it?  Look close.  There is a Dunkin Donuts Ice Coffee on top of the chimney.
Yes, we drink Ice Coffee up here in negative degree weather.  It made me laugh very hard.  I think it's still frozen up there.

So we continue to dig out.  Continue to drive slow and continue to be thankful for all we have because as Hubby put it, there are children in China without any snow at all.

Stay warm everyone,  more snow on the way.


  1. How well I remember living through some wild winters in New England. Like you, we hired a couple of guys to shovel off our roof one year.

    They showed up after we'd both left for work and when we came home the roof was relieved of its heavy burden of snowpack. The reminders our roof shovelers left us were more than a handful of empty beer cans strewn at the bottom of our driveway - yikes! But if it took a little bit of a buzz to get up on our steep roof slinging snow off of it, I'm not going to judge. Besides, we didn't find either body after the spring thaw so we were satisfied with the good job they did for us.

    Here in NC the hand wringing drama has begun with snow, sleet, and ice predicted to start this afternoon. Since these dire predictions change so often, I'm not going to worry until I look outside our windows and confirm what's coming is, in fact, coming down.

    You and Gerry keep each other safe, warm, and dry along with the pups!

    From the not-so-wilds of NC,

  2. My word, those icicles are something else. That is a lot of snow and I hope you stay safe & warm.

  3. The icicles are impressive! Good idea to have the roof raked like that! My heart goes out to all of you; been a tough time with all that snow!!!


  4. We have icicles too, but our roof cannot be shoveled at the moment. Too steep and slick! The coffee cup is hilarious : ) We just got dug out from the Saturday snow, and now have another inch or so coming tonite. An inch isn't much, but at this point any amount is too much. Stay warm and dry!

  5. I have another blogger friend that lives in NE. She has posted lots of pics, just unbelievable!!! Stay warm! And I sure hope your power stays on!

  6. Your hubbys comment made me lol! All I can say is yuck, yuck, yuck. How many days until Spring!?


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