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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Random Dozen

2nd Cup of Coffee is hosting this Random Dozen, you can go there to see her answers and to add your own. Or add your answers in the comment section here.  Here are my answers.


1. What insect are you most afraid of? Feel free to post a picture.
Spiders - they all look like they plan to eat me and I have been known to wake up hubby to kill a spider in the tub so that I can shower for work! 

2. What is the greenest/most organic thing about you or that you do?
I use small pieces of material to create things like the dog tag cozy, I clean with organic cleaners and I eat all my green veggies.  

3. Tell me about a recurring dream that haunts you.
I am blessed with good dreams most of the time so I do not have a recurring dream that haunts me.

4. Have you ever missed a flight? What were the circumstances?
Nope - I do not fly often and when I do there must be a message that goes out that lets everyone know that I cry really loudly and no one wants to see a 50 something woman crying loudly so they put me on the plane and I have no problem with that.

5. What do you consider your best feature?
I have no one that I hate, and lots of people that I love so that is my best feature - my love. Looks will change from day to day and even from hour to hour. I have felt great in the morning and felt fat and bloated within hours so I'm not looking to my looks.  So I still think that my ability to love is my best feature.

6. What was the last concert you went to?
Atlantic Crossing and Prydein at the Scottish Festival in VT. Who knew someone could rock out bagpipes!
I'm new to blogging and I could not figure out how to upload the You Tube video of Prydein but if you search You Tube you will see how awesome they are! For you bloggers who do know how to do that, please share the info. Thank you.

7. Describe the most embarrassing church moment you ever experienced.
It's thankfully been a while but when hubby and I were taking out children out of church to "talk" to them about there behavior and they plead to everyone in there to help them.  At the top of there lungs!!!! Thankfully that was long time ago, they are married and with kids of there own who will embarrass them.

8. Are you a whistler, hummer or singer?
I never learned to whistle - really I can not whistle at all so I'm a singer (unless I don't know the words, then I fake it by mouthing "see you on Friday" over and over again.)

9. George Washington Carver said, "I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in." What is God saying to you through nature today, or this very minute?
Some of the leaves are starting to change so I'm hearing God say "Times are changing, are you?"

10. On September, 1, 1752, the Liberty Bell arrived in Philadelphia. What memorable event will take place in your life on September 1, 2010? 
9/1/2010 Will hopefully see me wake up and be the best I can be because 9/1/2010 will never happen again in my life.  I want it to count for something.

11. Taco Bell or the Liberty Bell? (You must choose.)
I pick the Liberty Bell for all it stands for. Freedom and liberty. That was an easy one.

12. Do you believe men and women can have purely platonic friendships?
Yes but they have to be very special people because it doesn't happen very often.  Most friendships between men and women end up becoming something else and that is not good.  But to say that it NEVER happens just can't be true.  There really is no NEVER or ALWAYS these days.

OK Your turn how do you answer these questions?


  1. I enjoyed reading your answers today...I really am not one to be giving techie advice but I do know youtube : ) To link a youtube video look under the video and click where it says embed...you copy and paste the code shown there onto your blog and when you hit preview you should see the video.

  2. Joyce Thank you so much!! I did see "embed" but had no idea what that meant and since I am so new to all of this, I left it along. I am so greatful to you for your help. I will do that later and play with it a bit.
    And thanks for stopping by...LynnMarie

  3. What great answers! The church story was so funny! I can see my kids doing this. :) I love to listen to bagpipes!

  4. Momma24 - thanks for stopping by and I'm so glad you love bagpipes. Every year VT has a festival and we try to go up to it and I so enjoy a full day of bagpipes. Hubby on the other hand, love me.


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