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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things happen in 3's in the Blogging World ?

Ever hear the saying how things happen in 3's? I'm wondering if the same happens in blogging world as well.

 Monday I was reading some blogs that I love and Wendi at "My Heart is Always Home" was talking about her hubby fixing her car. You can read her post here:

My Heart is Always Home

Well today I came home and I was home only a short time and this is what I saw:

His car was running hot and needed to change his air filter so after he did his, he looked at mine.
In his car he found this under the air filter:

It's a nest! Under his car hood! Thank goodness there were no Little Ones in the nest but really!!!

He changed the air filters of both our cars:

My filter is the one at the bottom and his is at the top.  Nasty!!

So will someone else in blog world have car trouble that hubby will fix?  Wendi - did you start something! :-)

I'm so thankful for a hubby that can do some car maintenance and that he stays on top of things around this home as well.  I keep him busy -  I lose things a lot! That's another story.

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  1. I hope that I haven't started this. Car problems are no fun!


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