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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recipe of the Week

I've been on a lower carb lifestyle for about 12 weeks now. I feel great and don't miss the higher carb foods. Giving up all the sugar foods was not hard at all and I'm surprised at how much energy I have! I have found a few "favorite" foods and here is one of my best breakfast recipes that helps me stay on track.

I found Zero Carb bread on line which does not taste as spongy or fresh as the high carb bread but it is great cooked so I grill it up with real butter. The Brand is Health Wise Zero Carb and comes in 3 flavors all with NO CARBS!

Health Wise Rye

Cooked in Real Butter!

Once cooked I top it with a bit of Coconut Manna - this stuff is Awesome! A serving is a full tablespoon but I only use a small knife full. It melts right away and is like I said Awesome! I found it at a local Health Food Store one day and when it's open it looks like "Crisco" but Oh My Is It Awesome!

That's about all I use far less than the Tablespoon serving allowed

Add a thick slice of bacon and coffee and here is my breakfast. OK so now for the best part - ready for it. Total carb count for this meal- 0

That's right a big fat zero the only thing with carbs at all is the Coconut Manna - net carb 1 for a tablespoon but since I use about 1/4 of that it's ZERO!

If I'm really hungry, I can add another strip of bacon, or sausage, or even a thick slice of Cheddar Cheese and it's still ZERO! Add a fried egg (in butter) and it's up to a count of 1!

My kind of breakfast! I'm full and didn't eat anything that counts - life is good.

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  1. Coconut Manna sounds amazing! I will have to look for it here in Australia. Thanks for the great tip. I love finding low-carb treats.
    Dorothy :)


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