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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another snow storm! In Pictures

I have a feeling that many blogs will be about the latest snow storm but Hay! Blog are suppose to be a witness to our lives right? And for the past few day our lives have involved shoveling - LOTS OF SHOVELING!!

Part of the back yard while I'm on the ground -well no" ground" is  really under me, it's a good foot of solid packed snow. 

That is the well cover! I sure hope we don't have a well issue anytime soon.

Becke in her trail coming back to the house.
Becke waiting at the bottom of the steps, can you see how high the snow banks are?
                            "OK, Mom, I'm going in now, it's very cold for such a "girly - girl"  as me to be out here"

"Stop taking pictures and get up here and let me in please!"
So how did you spend the last 2 days?


  1. I wasn't scheduled to work on Tuesday, so I spent the day piecing quilt blocks and watching the nonstop coverage of the "storm of the century" (that didn't even turn out to be the storm of the year!). Yesterday, I got a text that the University would open at noon *for classes* ... which made me wonder what about staff? So I got ready - just in case. And after I was showered and dressed I got a text that offices and classes would open at noon. So I puttered around on the computer (I didn't want to go to work with all kinds of threads clinging to my clothes so I didn't get into the sewing room). At 10:30 I got the text that the University would remain closed all day, so I quickly changed and spent the rest of the day piecing blocks and spent the evening reading.

  2. P.S. I love the snow pictures ... and the ones of Becke!

  3. We have been homebound for the last few days. The snow missed us, but oh the ice! There are three inches of ice on our driveway and sidewalk. Hubby went back to work today and I plan to stay safe and warm at home! Mr. Groundhog had better be right that spring will be early!!

  4. We have ice on top of very deep snow and it is so funny to watch the dog tiptoe tentatively across...she takes 3-4 steps then falls thru the ice coating, digs herself out and takes another 3-4 steps, repeat. She is not a fan of the ice.

  5. Love the photos, Lynn Marie! Becke doesn't look thrilled with all the snow, but she's lucky you shoveled out a path for her to pee.

    Don't mean to gloat but I'm glad I moved south. Yesterday was sunny and over 60 degrees. Today it's back to cloudy, clammy, and chilly. We're expecting some sleet this weekend which means winter is back (the southern version here, I mean).

    Stay warm. Remember now that you're a leaner (never meaner) Lynn Marie, you don't have any body fat to help insulate you. But you have Gerry and Becke to help in that department :D


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