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Friday, February 4, 2011

First Responders:

My Hubby is a police Lieutenant and today he wrote a blog about something we forget. Some days those men and woman do not come home.  They live dangerous lives.  Head on over to his blog and see what these men and woman have to live with (and BTW so do their families)
His Blog is Life SPW. 
Have a great weekend everyone and Lord willing I'll see you Monday. I heard rumors on 6 more inches of snow here on Saturday!!! I'll let you know if that happens. 


  1. Thank you for your husband's service. Our next door neighbor is a retired police officer, his son is a police officer as is his son-in-law. By being friends with them, we've heard enough stories to make us appreciate - even more than we already did - those who serve and protect.

    Have a wonderful weekend (and send us some snow?).

  2. I've worked for our local police department for 34 years. First as a dispatcher and now as an administrative assistant. My prayer is that I'll make it until I retire and that we never lose a police officer while I'm working here. So far so good. Most of these guys have no idea how many times I've prayed for their safety. God has been good!

  3. I thank you love for supporting my Blog entry today. I thank all your readers for their prayers and supportive comment.


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