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Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Review: And the 400 Mile Challenge.

After 2 really nice spring days where we opened car windows and wore light jackets, we went back into the deep freeze and we were 15 degrees on Sunday morning.  We did get some really good melting here as you see I can see more of the dog house, but Becke still can't use it and I can see more of the statue in the front yard.  Good news is that we are waiting for it to warm up and snow again this week. Fun times in NH!

A few weeks ago, just a bump
I see her in the front garden

Becke's house a few weeks ago
Becke's house Sunday

That was not as bad as the furnace breaking! A service call on Sunday - now that is going to cost us! That is not the only thing, one of our kitchen cabinets is coming loose from the celling.   I have this sinking feeling that this the year our home falls apart.  Yuck! I know that God will take care of us and all but I wonder how bad it will be.  See I worry, a lot!  I don't know why, I know I can't change anything, but I do. The furnace service was just over $400.00!  He was here less than 1 hour!  

How was your week at the 400 mile challenge? Remember that the challenge is not for the weekend but for the entire week Saturday - Saturday, I just post it on Monday since I don't write a blog on the weekends. I did better than I thought I would and ended up logging in 51.64 miles this week for a total of 300.43 miles. 3/4th done!  Here is the break down for the week 2/12/11-2/19/11.  Walked 5.77 miles, Biked 21.87 miles, weights 12 miles, Step aerobics and Zumba for a total of12 miles for my total of 51.64.  Adding that to the 248.79 and you come up with the 300.43 that I have up on my ticket.  How are you doing?  Stop by Ellie's blog, hook up with the others who are doing the challenge and encourage them. I know I really feel encouraged when people pat me on the back.     How was your weekend and did you do anything to combat Cabin Fever?


  1. At least you had some melting. I love snow, but I'm ready for winter to be done ... spring to be here.

    I'm sorry to hear that you had to call someone out on your furnace - on a Sunday, no less. :-(

    Have a marvelous Monday!

  2. You are a workout machine! It may sound crazy, but I am looking forward to using workout dvds instead of just walking to get my miles in. I could sure use the variation, not to mention the toning.
    I will send some sun your way and see if we can't get that snow to melt. I love seeing your pictures.
    Thank you for posting your updates, it's nice to know that we aren't on this adventure alone.

    (lost my first comment I was sending, so if you get two, that is why)

  3. Awww, sorry about the furnace breaking, but it happens to us all--sooner or later :( I hate when it's 95 and the AC breaks! We have a few things "going wrong" in our 3 yr old house, too...fortunately hubby is a pretty good handyman.

    We had some great weather all last week...now I'm spoiled and hate to see cold weather return! It was actually 80 here on Saturday!

    Looks like you've "got it going on" with your challenge! Good for you :)

  4. Oh, that stinks about the furnace! Hoping there are no more repairs in the near future.

  5. Our a/c / heat pump keeps having a fan issue. We've had to call them out 3 times since we bought it 2 years ago. If it does it again, we're asking for it to be completely replaced. It seems to only need fixed when it's extra hot or cold. Thank God we got the 10 year warranty, so far it's been free to fix, and the company is really good about getting here within a few hours of being called.

    Great job on the fitness challenge! You're smokin'!

  6. We had just begun to melt but got another 8 inches of snow yesterday. The sun is gorgeous and bright this morning but it is frigid out there! Spring is coming eventually, right???

  7. That was wonderful, good job this week. I need to start tracking my miles better. Thanks for stopping by.

    It's My Choice Blogger

  8. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear about your furnace and the kitchen cabinets. I can so relate to your feelings with that, I worry about everything as well.

    Amazing job again on the challenge, you are very inspiring!


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