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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge: Join in on the fun

Thank you Joyce for all you do! Click on the button above and join in! Here are her questions for this week.

1. Would you rather be seen as a person who did their duty or forged their own path?

WOW Joyce has a way of coming up with hard ones right off the bat. I think most people see me as a person who did their duty but I hope that those same people see me as forging my own path in some areas of my life. I do volunteer work and help out when ever I can because I enjoy it.

2. This week's Wednesday Hodgepodge happens to fall on Groundhog's Day. In keeping with that theme, if you could have a do-over of any one day out of the last seven, which day would it be and why. If you haven't seen the movie Groundhog Day this question will make absolutely no sense but that's okay....you can answer anyway.

Just One day? You've got to be kidding! Over the past 7 years there are many times and events that I would like a do over - they involve saying something that hurt someone else and not being a very good friend at times.  Missed opportunity to spread God's word or do His work. 

3. Hot cocoa...yay or nay on the marshmallows?

I do like marshmallows but my all time favorite is Marshmallow Fluff!  So not low carb but oh so very good!!!

4. Do you wear makeup every day? What are the top two must haves in your daily makeup routine?

Yes I wear makeup every day. At my age the more cover up the better!!! Must have include firming cream(again at my age I need the help) and foundation (I use that mineral power stuff that just is so light on my skin)

5. Is it more important to you in a relationship to be loved or understood?

Don't they go hand in hand? If someone really loves you will they not take the time to understand you? If not, do they really love you?  Now go think about that all day.  You're welcome.

6. Parsley sage rosemary or thyme... your favorite?

Depends on the season and the food I'm cooking. I like sage for chicken meals but Parsley for veggies dishes. I don't use rosemary or thyme very often so I guess they are not on my list.

7. What do you do when you feel angry?

If I am thinking at all I shut up and pray real fast to not say something I will have to take back and will hurt someone I love.  That's IF I'm thinking.  Sometimes I am not thinking, just reacting and then my words can be mean, hurtful, and damaging. Those are the days and times I want the do-over in #2.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

The Ground hog claims that Spring will be early this year. That's good because it will take till June for all this stuff to melt.

Our bark yard - see how high it is on the shed and the dog house is almost covered

Our front yard, yes it's pretty but it's also very deep.  


  1. Ha-do over in the last seven days : ) Years would be hard to answer!

    I am not sure what the definition of early spring would be in our part of the country. This year I'd love for it to at least be on time!

  2. Ha! I love your answer to #5. And unfortunately, I'm with you on #7. :-( But God's teaching me the shut up and think first ... I'm just a bit of a slow learner. :-( I LOVE the pictures of your snow. I'm disappointed we didn't get more yesterday. :-(

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. What a winter wonderland!! Hope you are warm! I've never had Marshmallow Fluff...but thinkin' it sounds yummy!! :-)

  4. Love your pictures, but I am so thankful we don't have quite that much snow!

  5. I wondered what the Ground Hog said, I hadn't heard.
    I for one hope Spring comes quickly.
    However I don't want the hot days of Summer.

  6. Beautiful snow pics! I'd love to see that much snow in person--just once! I'm sure you are happy about the prediction of an early spring, with that much snow in your yard! Stay warm!

  7. Oh, my goodness, I shivered just looking at your pics. It is a gorgeous cold day here. Enjoyed your answers today and here's wishing you sunshine and rainbows!

  8. Loved reading your answers. I use lots of moisturizers and serums to tighten my skin, it's a must. I really need to remember to pray when I get angry. Stay warm and cozy.


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