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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dogs days of Summer

Up here in NH we are having what is called the "Dogs Days of Summer". A friend or ours who is from Texas had no idea what that term meant. I was surprised as I thought everyone knew what it meant but no, he was not familiar with the term.

So I offer you all the meaning in case you don't know what it means either.

The Dogs Days of Summer are the hottest, most sultry days of summer, usually July and August. The name itself, comes from the belief that Sirius also called the Dog Star, is in close proximity to the sun and responsible for the hot weather.

But we all know that it called the Dogs Days of Summer because it's so hot, that even the dogs do nothing but lay down and wait for the heat to break.

So now I'm curious, do you have a term for these hot days of summer?  What is it and what is the meaning behind the term?


  1. I've always heard dog days of summer and thought they were always associated with August. The humidity has dropped today so yay!

  2. The "If-I-Weren't-Afraid-of-Socialized-Medicine-I'd-Move-to-Canada" Days?

  3. I have always heard the term dog days of summer used. Generally it around here it refers to August, but this year it has pretty much been all summer!

  4. We call them "Dog Days", here in GA. too, and the time span includes the last part of July and most of August. We also notice an increase in heat, humidity, and gnats during that time. Ugh, bring on fall, please...

  5. I've always heard it called that too. It's SO humid here. I'm so ready for fall! We have been waiting until about 7:30 before we can leave for our bike rides because of the heat!


  6. You know I have heard of that but never really thought about it much. Makes sense. In Illinois I only remember the term for Indian Summer when it gets hot in September!


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