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Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Review: HHH&WET

Good Morning,
Like so many in this Country,it's been hot up here. No, not as hot as some states that have had temps up to113!! Can you believe it, 113? WOW We have been in the low 90's and for the upper right hand of the good USA, that's HOT (well for most people, I'm OK with it). This week we will be in the 80's - Thank Goodness!

It's been hazy up here as well.  Some days it's hard to see driving because of the haze on the roads.
And it's been humid up here, 90% + most days. As you can image, that combo creates thunder storms that do not cool of the weather when the rain ends. And boy have we had rain!!  Thunder, lighting and downpours have created power outages, down trees, and short tempers.  Man it's been a weekend of weather.

We've not lost power for long periods of time, but we did loose it for short periods of time here, or a there. We lost cable (as well as phone and Internet) a few times for short periods of time as well.

We're blessed to have dogs that are not afraid of thunder or lighting (although August refuses to go potty when it's thundering and lighting out unless his big sister goes out with him). While on F.B. I see lots of friends who have dogs that are afraid and those dogs spend a good part of the weekend under beds, under couches, hiding in bath tubs and generally being miserable. You know the owners were miserable as well!  My heart goes out to those people. How to help a fearful dog?
One of the things that seems to work is something called "Thunder Shirt".  It's a special tight fitting coat that goes on the dog and it is known to help settle the dog down.  It acts very much like a "swaddling" a baby.  It does seem to help with lots of fears such as rain storms, fireworks, and separation issues. We have it for Becke because as she gets older (12 1/2 years) she has separation issues now when I leave the office.  Funny thing, if August is with her, she is fine!!

The biggest issue with the dogs in this HHH weather, is keeping Becke cool.  Most of the time she was like this:

We don't have central AC so parts of the house get hot for her.  The bedrooms and home office have AC so we have been keeping her in there as much as we can and her groomer took out a lot of undercoat so that she would be more comfortable. Still, with a fur coat on and temps in the high 80's/ low 90's, keeping her cool is a real challenge.

August has hair, not fur and it's soft and light and he is younger so he is doing much better. A class mate gave him a bag of bows for his hair and so he is "styling" at the moment.  Don't you agree?

So what did I do all weekend, the usual: laundry, watch the grand girls, work on Christmas gifts clean house, exercise, dance, dinner with friends (BBQ!) and stay cool!  How about you?  Ready for the week ahead of you? I sure hope so because the week is here!!


  1. Poor Becke! Hope it says cooler for her. It is only 60* this morning and it feels a little bit like fall. Not for long as it will be about 90* this afternoon.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. We have central air here, and our golden retriever always laid on the vents in the summertime ... even with her summer hair cut. Hope it cools off soon for poor Becke.

  3. I'm in the 113 degree place but our humidity was only 16%. It feels like an oven. I imagine that with that high humidity yours feels like a sauna.

  4. Crazy electrical storm here last night, right at dinner time. We immediately lost power. It was out for about an hour which was just long enough to justify ordering take out : )

  5. Sounds like it was a busy weekend. We don't get many thunder storms so I'm not sure how Skye handles them. The thunder shirt sounds interesting.


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