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Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday's Weather Makes Me Think of Dogs

I think that someone is washing their small dog someplace in the south today because we are getting hit with more rain!

 Good thing Hubby got the lawn mowed yesterday while I slept most of the day.  Not feeling all that great yesterday meant that I didn't go far from the couch and stayed in my pj's most of the day.

But I did pull it together to be able to teach my dog classes last night and graduate a great group of dog owners and the dogs who share their lives. Do you have a dog? Do you train him/her?  Do you understand the connection between those little beings in your life and you?  These dogs,  come into our lives and take hold of our hearts, they wrap their tails around us and hold our secrets. We sing to them, talk to them, cuddle them.  We tell them about our day. We tell them about our family members who drive us to move forward, and those who drive us crazy.  We laugh at all the silly things they do and cry when they get old or sick because we fully understand what may be happening. The bond we have with them here on earth is never long enough and we talk about them long after they are gone from this earth.  They live in our hearts and minds for the rest of our lives.

So last night we celebrated our dogs in class.  We bragged about how far they have come in the 8 weeks since class started. We showed off ribbons that the dogs have won since starting class.  We played games that 8 weeks ago, the dogs couldn't do because either the concentration wasn't there, the skill wasn't there or the confidence wasn't there.   We showed off some old tricks and began to tackle new ones.  We took pictures of each others dogs and laughed and cheered as each dog tackled the "tunnel".

It was a night of joy and growth and laughter and love.  It was about challenges faced and challenges won.  It was about growth. It was all about facing, head on, bumps in the road and overcoming those bumps. In the wake of all that fun, we got dog kisses, tails wagging and one rousing game of dog tag!   The dogs loved it! The owners loved it!  It was a great last class with this bunch of students. All the things that this cancer patient needed as well.

Then we came home to the love of our own two lives.  Both waiting to go to bed but since we weren't  here, they didn't. They waiting until we walked into the house. Then they ran outside to go potty one more time, then they ran even faster down the hall and onto the beds. They were tired and wanted to sleep. Becke curled up on her big bed on the floor and August curled up in my arm pit on the bed.  As we fell asleep, we prayed for a friends daughter who may be making the difficult choice to help her dog - only 5 about years old - cross over the "Rainbow Bridge" and away from her this morning.  So all this rain made me think of dogs this morning.  The funny, the cute, the challenging, the loving, and the eventual and inevitable sad good bye.

Have you hugged your dog today?  Go, stop reading blogs right now, and go hug your heart on 4 legs.
See you Monday.


  1. Thankfully, rain has eluded us several days this week! We're still trying to dry out.

    It's wonderful that you felt well enough to teach your dog class last night, and celebrate your student's accomplishments :) I know every graduating class makes you proud!

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Heart on 4 legs - what a great way to put it. I wish Clancy and I could have taken your class! :)

  3. Rain showers have few and far between around here lately! My dogs are like my kids. They bring me so most joy! Hope you get to feeling better!

  4. Having had the great good fortune to be one of your students years ago with my beautiful, former dog I know how much fun your classes are. How wonderful that you dragged your tired and ill self to work last night to graduate your class and celebrate with them. It wouldn't have been the same without you there, and I know your students and their dogs were happy to see you.

    I also know how moving it can be to see a handler and her dog struggle to learn behaviors and then finally accomplish them. I've learned a lot from watching fellow classmates figure out problems in training classes, as well as bumbled through plenty of my own training challenges.

    Never underestimate your talents Lynn, as a superb teacher and trainer - of both dogs and their often thick-headed handlers. The blondes are the thickest ones, too :D

    This was a beautiful post today, made even sweeter by the portraits of your gorgeous Becke and handsome August Rush.

    AMEN to the sentiments you expressed here about our four-legged family members. Loved this post!

  5. I took Skye when she was six months old. I still make her show me things that she learned. My favorite is when I see something I don't like her doing and I say stop! She stops dead in her tracks. Now I'm not sure she would do that if a bunny was in the yard :) Skye is under the bed so I can't hug her right now but I will soon. Sorry you had a bad day. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. ((HUGS)) Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

  6. We love our pup to pieces : ) Hope you're feeling bettter today!


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