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Monday, August 19, 2013

Welcome to a New Week

Our girl, Becke, 13 1/2 years old and still smiling!
Good Morning to you all and I hope you are having a good week.  Our weekend was really nice!  We had a combined birthday party and farewell party for a friend's son who turned 23 years old and will move to Arizona this week.  We told him that the birthday party was for him and the farewell part of the party was for his parents.  So we sang "Happy Birthday" to him and "Celebrate" to the parents!  It was a good time of food, laughter, memories, and friendship.  I like those smaller parties where you can really talk to everyone  there and get caught up with their lives.

I also got to play in the yard a bit too. It's really getting over grown with weeds, dried out stalks and fall is in the air so we better get a start on cleaning up the yard. I had the energy and it felt so good to do something physical for once!

It's starting to feel a bit like fall up here.  Temps fall into the 40's during the night and we wake up to temps in the low 50's.  By mid day it gets up to the high 70's but it drops back down again every night. We will still have the occasional humid, hot, hazy day with temps back into the high 80's and maybe  into the low 90's (if we are lucky) but those days will be far and few now.  I've even seen a few leaves turning.  Not the whole tree, but a few leaves have begun to change into the bright fall color that so many others flock up here to see.  But I digress...
August, the almost 2 year watch dog.
August went outside with me and watched over the work.  He was in charge of helping to get the yard waste into the brown paper bags but he spent most of the time just playing in the dirt and watching me work.  I can't believe he will be 2 years old next week.  He is so much fun!  I really never thought I would love a small dog but he really has my heart strings.

We cleaned up the rock wall by the house, pulling out the weeds, and debree and general clean up. It felt good to get it looking neat.  Hubby and I went shopping and picked up a few more bags of rocks to dress up the front of the house.

Sunday, we drove 1 1/2 hours to a small town south west of us to worship with the church that meets there.  The congregation has about 35 members and they had 3 men who were qualified and had a desire to serve as Elders so they were going to be installed on Sunday.  For a small congregation they all really know how to belt out those songs. The singing was amazing!  The saints there were very welcoming and friendly and we felt loved there.  No matter where we go, we find saints to worship with.  We wanted to show our support for the new Elders and to rejoice with the church there. I'm so glad we did!

It was a great weekend.  We are suppose to have a few hot, humid days coming up and I for one will love it.  It will not be long before the blankets will be out and the windows will be closed.  Fall will be here before we know it.

Do you get a real change in the weather where you live? Is it something that you look forward to?  Of the 4 seasons, which is your favorite?


  1. I think I like spring the best ... temperatures warming up, everything outdoors coming to life, beautiful spring flowers in bloom, the promise of even warmer weather with summer coming. But I do love fall, too.

    Glad you felt well enough to get out and work in the yard.

  2. Your older dog is precious. Our Maddie will be 13 in October...sure do love her!

  3. I love spring best, but fall is nice, too. Some of our trees are losing their leaves, too, but the temps are still warm and it's humid!

    So glad to hear that you had such a nice (and busy) weekend :)

    I can't believe that August is about to turn two already! Time is flying...

  4. Glad you were feeling well enough to do some yard work. My favorite is probably the fall. I love the cool (not cold) weather and the beautiful fall colors.

  5. Sounds like you had a good weekend and I'm glad you felt up to working in the yard. I can't believe August is almost 2, seems like you just brought him home. Even though people think we don't get season changes here in California there is definitely a difference between Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.
    One thing that I have always like is that even though it may be 90 during the day it always drops into the 50's at night. It is rare that we have a warm evening. Have a wonderful week.

  6. Becke looks as beautiful as ever, and August grows more handsome and cuter every day.

    So glad to read you were feeling up to the hard work of gardening this weekend. Your home is so pretty tucked into the woods. I remember you always have colorful flowers right by your front door. I really miss living in beautiful NH's countryside.

    My friend, as of today you're almost at the finish line. After tomorrow's torture, I mean treatment, you'll have that ribbon in sight and start to hear the crowds cheering for you to cross it. I'll be at the front of that crowd, yelling the loudest.

  7. Fall is my favorite season, I love it. Glad that you had such a nice weekend. I bet August's supervision was essential to getting the yard work done. :D
    Becke's smile is just adorable! She is a beautiful old girl for sure.


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