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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Winter/Snowman Time

I love snowmen, do you?  I put them up at Christmas time when I take out the Christmas decorations.  When the Christmas decorations go away, the snowmen stay out.  I keep them out for a few months more. They make me smile. I put them in the bathroom to smile at me when I get out of the shower.

They are tucked in among the dog treats in the kitchen, reminding me of those I love, and keeps me smiling.

One stands guard over the grand girls Lego toys and August goes over to check him out a lot.

And a bunch stand near the TV ready to brighten that corner of the room.

The Santa comes down of course but the snowmen stay up. Do you keep any winter decorations up till spring?  What? 


  1. We have a small snowman collection that I put out at Christmas, but they go back to the attic. We don't have snow here in central Florida, so they would be a little out of place in 80° weather, I think. Love your collection and I think it is wonderful that you can enjoy them for weeks after the holidays!!

  2. Love your snowmen. I have quite a few myself. I have the buildings from a lighted Christmas Village that stay on top of my bookshelf year round. I used to keep them lit, until some of them quit working. I also have a couple of special ornaments that hang on my Amish Style peg boards.

  3. I love snowmen too. These are so cute! Unfortunately I'm afraid if I had one of the big ones on the floor Clancy and Nate might decide it was an enemy while I was at work and I'd come home to find the poor thing in pieces LOL.

  4. Yes to snowmen collections! I got several new ones this year and I'm sure that will happen next year too.

  5. I like snowmen, too! I wait until I pack away the Christmas decorations, then I put out my snowmen! I enjoy them all during the month of January.

  6. I like your snowmen! I would imagine August is very curious about the one standing guard so to speak! No I don't usually keep up winter decorations until spring; I don't do much decorating for other holidays other than Christmas and do minimum for that these days, LOL. However, last year I forgot to put away a snowman decoration after Christmas and you are right, it stayed up all year (but I did put it away this year). Now I'm wondering if the box that holds the tree will sit in the corner where it is at since I took it down last week and not make it make out to the garage :)


  7. That's a great idea, I love snowmen! I always pick one new Christmas item to keep out all year long.


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