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Monday, February 17, 2014

Enough is Enough!!

Don't know where you live, but where we live, we have had enough of winter!! It seems that every few days we get 2-4 more inches of the white stuff and the temps are in the single numbers most of the time. We even got a few days of 6-12 inches of the stuff  

I know, 2-4 inches doesn't seem like a lot - but over a few months it will look like this.
And this
Yes, it's pretty! Yes, it's peaceful! Yes, it winter!
But it has to go someplace!  Hubby is 6'3" tall and look at the snow bank next to him!! It's hard to shovel UP! The show is heavy and we are sick of it.
We do have a company that plows our driveway but the paths for the dogs and the oil man all have to be shoveled---by Hubby!  
Becke goes out first to trample down some snow because it's so deep.
Then August follows in big sisters paw prints then runs back inside and curls up in the blankets.
The icicles are betting longer and longer every day! Many in the back over the back door, we knock down so that they will not fall on the dogs but these are out front.

Hubby shovels paths for the oil man and August will run in them but they are taller than he is at the moment.  He comes if fast when he's called as you can see.

So we say



  1. Living most of my life in the northeast I remember serious snow very well, the worst being at college in Fredonia, and then living in Buffalo, both upstate New York close by Lake Erie. Vermont and New Hampshire snows come in tied for second place.

    Southerners do snow perfectly. Down here in North Carolina we don't get it every winter. When we do it's gone the next day.

    Even with the 13" of fluffy white we got here at our house last week, all we have left are some piles lingering in the shade. The toughest part was driving out of our small neighborhood with snow packed and rutted streets. All the main roads in town were cleared to drive the day after our snow storm.

    I got to wear my Sorels (four wheel drive for my feet) for the first time in almost a decade walking my puppy dog after our big snow. Now they'll go back into storage for another ten years. I'd forgotten how heavy those boots are.

    Hang in there, Lynn Marie. You only have another three months of winter left - hehehe.

  2. Wow, those icicles are something else. Joyce showed some today too! Praying that it stops and that you will have an early Spring......

  3. Forgot to say how much I LOVED the pictures and especially the video of August racing on his snow track! I kept replaying that because it's so cute.

    I thought your picture of the voodoo snowman stabbed through his icy heart was HILARIOUS!

    You're getting funnier than ever in your old age, Lynn!

  4. This sure has been the winter of snow and cold!! Holy moly those are some icicles! You know we will complain about the heat! lol...

  5. Oh I agree with you 100%. I am so over winter. I live in Philadelphia and like you every few days there is another snow storm. We are supposed to have another one tomorrow and then again on Sunday. I'm counting down the days till spring.

    P.S. If anyone complains about summer I'll be glad to hold them for you while you slap them!

  6. Our snow has finally melted away...doing the HAPPY DANCE! No complaining about the summer heat from me!

  7. I couldn't agree more. The winter weather has been atrocious this year. Just when it seems we get a break, it starts snowing again.


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