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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Grace and Kindness in any language.

When we were up north "Harvesting" we stayed at a Days Inn Hotel.  One morning I headed down to the breakfast room.  I had been given the OK to finally eat real food so I was wondering what there was down there.

I showed up and stood back from the display, looking it over and trying to decide what I wanted to eat that morning.  I knew that I had another 9 hour day hooked up to the harvesting machine and wanted something that would stay with me.

A gentleman who apparently worked there came up to me and starting to point out where things where.  Waffles over there, Juice of the day Apple and Orange over there, and so on. It was clear that English was not his first language and he struggled with the words to show me what was being offered and where it all was.  He then walked away and I started with juice.  I added the fixings to an egg, cheese and muffin sandwich and grabbed some fruit.  As I was toasting the English muffin, I noticed the sign "Breakfast served 6-10am" I look at my phone for the time - 5:36am.

Now he could have told me that they were not ready for me yet, or to go away and come back at the correct time but he didn't.  He pointed out some things and walked away leaving me time to make my choices.
The next morning I saw him again. This time I made sure it was after 6am!! I thanked him for his kindness that he showed me the day before.  He had a hard time understanding me but did manage to say "You sick?" I nodded yes, "Then it all good, you need something, you get it it.  No problem"
He may not have understood why I was there early, but he understood that I was not feeling great and he was not going to add to that.  He allowed me to get something to eat early. He showed grace and kindness to me.

When I see someone cutting the line, or being difficult, do I see beyond the rules and see the person?  Do I show grace and kindness?  This man taught me to look at the person, not the rules, not the circumstances, but look at the person, maybe they need me to be kind and gracious to them.

Grace and Kindness know nothing of language, or rules. Grace and Kindness know only of grace and kindness and compassion.  No English needed, only eyes to see the hurting.  He had great eyes.  Thank you from the very core of me.


  1. Love to read stories like this!

  2. A wonderful reminder, and a blessed story to share. Thank you!!

  3. Thank you! I think I needed to be reminded of this.

  4. What a sweet story and a good reminder for all of us. I hope this man is rewarded in some way for his kindness to you.

    Kathy @ Lookingatlifethroughmybifocals


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