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Friday, April 8, 2011

Scary Before Coffee: A Random Thought

This sign is right next to the coffee pot
I really love my Hubby's coffee and so on this Sunny Friday as I start my day - just let me tell you that this sign is SOOOO true.  I wake up and hit the bathroom and shower first, then the coffee pot.

Pot is 1/2 gone and have you looked at the time!  
I will just about empty it as I take at least 2 travel mugs with me in the car to drink on the way to work.  Now here's the really strange thing, it's DECAF coffee!!!  I don't like the shaking that regular coffee gives me I just love the taste of coffee, so it Decaf but I will drink almost all of it.  Hubby makes the best coffee!  Busy day and busy weekend - we are suppose to be up in the low 60's!  I may get rid of the rest of the snow and find that other snowman decoration that I put out side.  I lost the snowman under the snow.  LOL!   Have a great weekend and enjoy life.   God bless you all.


  1. Yay on the snow leaving! It's supposed to get warm here, too. I hope it does as I'd like to get outside and let the sun and the warm temperatures burn this bronchitis bug that's got me feeling awfully puny. ;-)

  2. Have a great weekend...and enjoy that coffee :)

  3. I use to have to start my day with caffine free Diet Coke; so I get the whole decaf coffee but I still need it to get going thing. Enjoy your warmer weekend!

  4. Love the sign, very cute. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. I don't drink much coffe. I do have some on the weekend when my husband makes a pot for himself. I stay away from caffeine yet I do like coffee.
    I think it's time for me to just get myself some decaffeinated coffee!


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