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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Memories: A Night To Remember

This is prom season around here and all the young ladies are looking forwarded to the evening and have their dresses and shoes bought already. They have plans to get their tans, hair and make-up done and look forwarded to that special evening just like I did - 39 years ago.  This is the very faded and not very good photo of me and my soon to be hubby back in 1972.  It was the evening that I got my engagement ring and we made such large plans for our lives.  Most of our plans didn't pan out but many did. We did travel a bit. We did have our children and we did stay together through thick and through thin and now through bifocals!  
The prom was held at hotel in Bedford and there was no after party but still the dancing was great, the location was beautiful and the handsome boy next to me turned into a super handsome, loving husband, father, and grandfather.  It was a magic night and I hope that the prom will be magic for those attending it this month. One piece of advice I would like to offer all those going to the prom. Take lots of photos of yourself enjoying the prom because after 39 years, I do not remember the names of the others in the photos that I took.  I wish I had more of me and Hubby.  


  1. What sweet memories ... and I agree on the advice regarding photos.

    Prom in this area was the first weekend of this month.

  2. That is such a sweet, heartwarming post. Love the picture.

  3. Such a sweet story. Congrats on the beautiful life you have created!

  4. This is a wonderful picture, and a wonderful story. Great post!

  5. I see that you found your prom photo! Nice memories, much better than mine :)

  6. how sweet! and great advice about photos!! it is neat you are still together after all those years!


  7. What a sweet picture. Great time to post it!


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