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Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Review: We seem to all be here! 400/800/1200 Mile Challenge

Well, it looks like we are all here! Guess the world didn't end and we all have to continue with our lives just as we left them - for now.  So did you have a "End of the World Party?" We didn't but we did go a wedding reception for a wonderful young lady.  It was great seeing her and talking to the young man who stole her heart.  Congrats to both Josh and Serena!  May you laugh every day, look to the good in each of you every day and always, every day, tell each other that you love each other.

The sun finally came out (while we were at the reception) and then as soon as I got home disappeared and it rained - again - for short time at least! I did manage to get my flower box flowers in before it rained and fed a few hundred bugs in the process!  Glad they got a good meal!

Shanae Button

So how was your personal challenge? What is your personal challenge? Maybe it's to make better food choices, maybe it's to read your Bible every day, maybe it's to read for fun more. What ever it is, how are you doing at it?  I'm doing the 400 mile challenge and you can click on the above button to see how every one else is doing on the challenge.  I had a good week and ended up putting in 73.76 miles this week.  I'm up the step aerobics to 60 minutes a day and weights also got bumped up to  60 minutes so on any given day, I can do 60 minutes aerobics, 60 minutes weights and 15 minutes on the bike for a total of 12 miles each day. Add to that walking and some yard work (weeding a lot!) and it really added up.  My year to date total was 1031!  The challenge question was "Was there something going on this week that made fitness hard for you?  No not this week but I did have one day when I did nothing but walk around the office and since I was wearing my pedometer I counted the distance. After 6 days of rain, my arthritis acted up and I couldn't type, and sitting or walking hurt so I took a day off from exercises and just waited it passed. It took a while but I did begin to feel better and so I continued on and work  at exercise again.  I want to get out and walk with Becke the wonder dog because she really needs it but I need a sunny day to do that.  Hopefully God will bless me with that.

So have a good day. Be glad, Be grateful.  We still have time to change our hearts and come to know God. Then, when he does come, whenever that is - we will be ready.


  1. I spent yesterday afternoon planting between showers. I am certainly cherishing any sunsine this spring! :)

  2. I am trying to be grateful for the rain...I guess if its falling we need it. Hard to believe but it must be true : )

    Have a great week!

  3. Sure wish I could funnel some of that rain here to our neck of the woods! I'm glad that you got some of your flowers planted! At least you don't have to water them :) We're still recycling bathwater on our grass...

  4. We finally got some sun this weekend, and it was so nice to be out. I hope you will be blessed with some soon!
    Congrats on another great week on the Challenge! :)

  5. I have to post as anonymous, otherwise I can't post, darn that Blogger!! had the same problem last night when I read your entry, but hadn't figured out I could post as anonymous then.

    You are doing so great with all that exercise! you rock!!!



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