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Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Clean Kitchen=A Great Day

I love a clean kitchen don't you?  You have a great dream and wake up refreshed. You climb out of bed, go the bathroom to...you know, and head towards the kitchen.

You turn on the light and look towards the coffee pot. You find that it's all set to turn on and soon you can smell the aroma of fresh hot coffee.

As you reach into the cabinet to get your favorite cup you notice just how clean the kitchen is.  The sink is empty and shinning, the counters are all clean and whipped down, the floor is clean, the rugs vacuumed.

You can easily move around your kitchen and enjoy what you are looking at. Grab that coffee, make some toast and put some Nutella on it. 
Someone took the time to dust and mop down the counter tops, shine the sink, take out the trash and generally make it look all nice.

Small bowl at the bottom is August's, Large bowl in center is shared water dish, Medium bowl on the right is Becke's

Even the pets have a nice clean place to eat and all is right is with your world. After all just the day before the kitchen was a mess of dishes in the sink and on the counters, food on the floor, unopened mail on another counter and crumbs all over the stove.  It was a mess!

Waking up to this sight put me in a good mood for the entire day! Does it do that for you as well? 

Do you know that God wants to clean up the mess in our lives?  He wants to get the dirty sins out of our lives.  He sends us mail (the Bible) to refresh our lives every morning, and gets all the crumbs of our broken, battered, sick lives and washes them away in Baptism.  He takes the mess that is our lives and makes them shine.  Isn't that a great way to start our day?  Just a thought for today.


  1. So true! I am usually too tired to clean before bed, but it makes such a difference when I can wake up to a clean kitchen.

  2. I love a clean kitchen! It makes the start of my day so much bette.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. I can't go to bed unless the kitchen is clean : )

  4. I, too, prefer to wake up to a clean house (especially the kitchen). And to come home to a clean house when we travel. I'm even tidying up, wiping down counters, etc. as DH is sitting out in the car, ready to take off. ha!

  5. I love a clean kitchen too. Yours is sparkling!
    I love the white cabinets. Always a favorite of mine. I actually dusted and vacuumed a few rooms yesterday and it feels so good to have it done.

  6. I sure do agree with you about that clean kitchen!

    But I can't agree with your statement about baptism. Baptism is a picture of a cleaning job that has already been done in the heart, by the blood of Jesus Christ. 1 John 1:7. Two of my girls were baptized this afternoon, the first step of obedience in their new life as Christians. ♥ Of course, your belief on this subject may depend on which Bible you believe is true... some say baptism saves, and some say it is a picture of that which saves. Which one is truth? :)


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