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Monday, September 17, 2012

Last Summer Weekend

It doesn't feel much like Summer up here! It's cold enough for a sweater (or light jacket if you are me) early in the morning and I carry it home in the afternoon after the weather warms up.  The leaves are falling, the air is crisp and Sunday at the Church pot luck there were lots of crock pot meals and hot pies for dessert!  Yup, Summer is just about over.  How are you handling it?

Part of me is sad because I do so love the heat, but I am the only one in this house that feels that way. Hubby and Becke the wonder dog both like fall. No need for the AC at all. The ceiling fan can be on low just to move the air around. The window is open and sleeping is not interrupted by sweating.  August doesn't care what the weather is. When he gets cold at night, he climbs UNDER the covers with me. If I'm cold, I put a light jacket on him!  He's one happy boy and just loves hanging out with us. I believe he forgot how cold it gets in winter up here!!!

One thing I do love about fall is the food.  As much as I like salads, burgers, and grilled veggies, I don't think of them as "Comfort Foods". When I think comfort foods, cream soups, baked custards, mac & cheese come to mind.  In the morning hot oatmeal with maple syrup, hot cocoa and warm apple crisps scream comfort foods and fall is the best time to enjoy those.  So, as a low carber, fall is the most dangerous time of year for me.

This weekend was relaxing, slow, easy and full of warmth.  Saturday Hubby and I went Christmas shopping and was surprised at how few decorations were up and how few stores had Christmas wrapping paper so wrapping the gifts will have to wait, but we took a nice bite out it!

We were in Toys R Us and really feeling our age as we had to ask the sales clerk a few times to help us.  Our DIL was kind enough to send the Christmas Wish List of our 2 grandsons to us and we had no idea what some of the things were!!  Ever happen to you?  So we were in the store, asking the clerk what they were and where could we find them.  Boy did I feel my age.

They live in San Diego and the youngest grandson also has a birthday in November and both our son and DIL have birthdays in December so it's a busy time for that family. Because I'm Scottish and therefore cheap, I get all the gifts together (including Halloween) and get them all out at once.  So, that is what we worked on, onSaturday.

Sunday, church took up most of the day as it was a Pot Luck day. We all bring something and share, talk, get caught up with each other's lives and generally have a great time worshiping God and being a family. I made Pot Roast.  It was in the crock pot and we took home an empty crock pot.  A nap and movie watching rounded out Sunday.

See, lazy, slow, filled with warmth and love.  How was your weekend?


  1. I am always a bit sad as summer ends... it's my favorite season of the year. And, I start to stress thinking about the holidays. I can't believe you have already gone christmas shopping! I try to start early (but not THAT early) because I don't like the crowds, parking lots, etc. close to Christmas. But, wo,w, you got me beat!

  2. While it's a bit sad to say goodbye to summer, I enjoy the coolness of fall. Ed's threatening to wear his jacket to work already, and we've only gotten down to the low 60's at night!

    It will be nice to enjoy soups and chili again, for a change...

  3. That is my kind of weekend! I am hopeful that fall will bring some slowness to my home.

    I love the beginning of fall and am happy it is here. The cool morning and evenings along with warm days and windows wide open is my favorite thing! Now late fall makes me sad as I know our days outside are numbered. I won't even talk about all of the cold and white to come! :(

  4. I am envious of your shopping, etc...cheap or not it must make the holidays so much less stressful. I am determined to purchase a few things before December!

    It feels like September here today. It is sunny and warm, but not too warm and there are puffy white clouds in the sky. Lovely! Enjoy your day.

  5. I miss pot lucks at church, they were always a fun time. With Pinterest now there are so many great pot luck meals to make. I guess I have been in California too long. Meals are pretty much the same year round. I think Chili is maybe the only winter thing I make but haven't had any being low carb since January. How awesome to get that shopping done. I already feel that I am going to be way behind this year when it comes to the Holiday's. It's all going by too quickly.
    Have a great weekend!


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