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Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday, Monday.

Our first Christmas Card
What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had.  For years, Hubby worked on Thanksgiving. You see he is a retired police Lieutenant.  He worked most of the holidays. He was either coming in from working all night or was going in to work for 3:00 p.m., so he had to leave the house by 2:30 p.m. Either way, our Thanksgiving meal had to be around his work schedule so we always had brunch. I would get up early and start cooking so that when he came home after working all night he could get in a shower before it was time to eat and then off to bed he would go.  Or I would get up early and start the cooking so that he could continue to sleep before he had to get up, eat and leave for work.  However, now he is retired!!! We kept the tradition of Thanksgiving Brunch because....you don't mess with Tradition!
Our daughter likes the brunch as it gives her time to eat at 2 different houses and  not have to be rolled home at the end of the day.
So brunch it is.
Eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit salad, sliced turkey, meat stuffing, rolls and coffee. Easy meal, fun times, and hubby doesn't have to leave to go to work, or leave to get some sleep (unless you count sleeping after all that turkey).
What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had.
Good food, laughter, little ones to play with, love to share.
How was your Thanksgiving?

I avoided the whole Black Friday shopping frenzy but we did go out later in the day, after the rush had died out and did some shopping but not so much for Christmas as for every day items that we ran out of. On our way into town to shop, We saw this

A very big bee hive hanging from the power lines. I'm told that this part of the power line is called a "Snow Shoe" and it has a  HUGE bee hive hanging from it.  I'm grateful that there are people who work the lines and that they will be addressing this issue and I'm grateful that it's NOT hubby, or me. I mean, really, look at this thing!!!

The remainder of the weekend was spent on making Christmas cards, sewing Christmas gifts and staying warm as it's mighty cold up here! The temps have been up in the 30's and low 40's but with Arctic air blowing, it feels like the teens!  Bundle up people and let me know how your weekend was.


  1. I'm glad you and yours had a Happy Thanksgiving. For years, Ed was "on call" for many holidays, which meant he would be in and out. People need x-rays at the oddest times! I'm so thankful those days of being "on call" are behind us!

    I haven't left the house since last Tuesday, believe it or not! I've been cooking, then decorating for Christmas!

  2. I am glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. I want to say what a great mom to not put pressure on your daughter to change her plans to fit your new schedule! That is the one thing I hate about the holidays... Chuck's dad & step mom make it unpleasant as they make plans for us and then tell us where and when to be somewhere. Makes it hard!

    Anyway, it is cold here also. Makes me want to cozy up inside and stay there! Have a great week!

  3. So glad that you had a nice Thanksgiving this year ... with your hubby home with you. How nice that must have felt. And good for you to stick with the tradition of a brunch! ;-)

    It was a busy weekend here ... family get-together all day Thursday, watching Ts all day on Friday, decorating the house much of Saturday, a fairly quiet day on Sunday. A pretty close to perfect weekend, if you ask me. ha!

  4. I love the compromise you make for your daughter. We are dealing with some Christmas expectations this year that we just cannot physically meet and its difficult.

    I've told my girls when they marry to get on the same schedule as one another. That way I'll have them both for Thanksgiving one year and Christmas the next. I've already told hubs we may have to vacation the years the girls are with in-laws : )

  5. Glad it was a nice Thanksgiving for you. I used to always have to work Thanksgiving as a dispatcher too. Now that I'm in administration, I'm considered non-essential, so I get the holidays off. Yay!!!

  6. I like how you kept the tradition of a Thanksgiving brunch! That was one big bee's hive!!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend resting, enjoying time with family, getting some shopping done, etc.

    We had nice weather this weekend, in the mid 70s which was nice :)


  7. Your brunch sounds delicious. How wonderful to have your husband home!


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