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Thursday, November 1, 2012

This and That

Every once in a while, I have things to share but they are not worth an entire post to do so. They are inner thoughts of my mind with a "Hey, I should blog about that" attached. They get filed in the "This and That" category and held on to. Today, you get a taste of the "This and That" category.

This is the extent of the damage we had at our house due to Sandy.  I can live with this.

Destruction from Sandy - We will never forget and we will rebuild!

Can you believe that we had all the raking done?  Time to do it again.

This was the tree before the storm, full of color

And this is the tree after the storm

The winds took all the leaves off!

And this was the dogs Halloween costumes. They are service dogs. Breakfast service dogs.  Becke carries coffee, creamer, splenda and of course the spoon to stir it all. August has a plate of breakfast foods for me.  I love our "service dogs".

And one morning, I made pumpkin muffins that was OK but not as sweet as I like but that happens sometimes right so we made the best of them and added sweet cream cheese.

And That was just some of the things rattleing around  in my brain.  Random thoughts about this and that.


  1. I love your service dogs! Clever costumes!! ( : And, how sad to see that beautiful tree stripped so quickly of it's color, but I'm sure you are thankful it's still standing and will provide you shade in the summer and color next fall!

  2. Wow, that tree was literally stripped bare. Service dogs - love it! Cute costumes. Most of the time all I have is "this and that" ... my life must be pretty dull ... maybe I just am unable to flesh out what does go on in my life ... or both. ;-)

  3. Sometimes random posts are the most fun! The way the wind stripped your tree bare, its no wonder you have to rake again. I guess the good side is that it should be the last time for the year.

    I love pictures of your dogs. Have a great day.

  4. Your bare tree looks like the trees in my neighborhood. I'm glad you didn't have severe damage from the storm.
    Doggies are cute!

  5. So glad your damage was little. Can't believe all the leaves blew off your tree! Becke and August look adorable.


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