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Monday, November 5, 2012

When all others got power, we lost ours!!

YUP! after the storm of last week that put so many in the dark, we finally lost our power. It was not storm related at all but a car accident that took power lines down. We were sure that we would be out of power for several hours so we got set up. The oil lamps wet on.

The generator was turned on and then we plugged in the important things to us. The fridge, freezer, aquarium, a few outlets so that we can charge our phones.  It means a lot of electrical cords on the floor so we have to be careful of where we walk.

Of course, the pellet stove has to run on electricity so it has to be plugged in and again a few lamps so we didn't have to use just oil lamps.

The house never got cold since we had the stove on and it turned out we were without power for only about 2 hours. There are people in NJ still without power and it's cold at night now. It will be down into the 20's Sunday night alone.

Saturday, I discovered that Hallmark Channel was showing Christmas Movies all day and I love Christmas movies so I put the channel on and listened to it while I cleaned the the house. It was great to have a clean house and I even got in some crafting.

I had wanted a wreath for the front door but I found so many Halloween or Thanksgiving themed wreaths and I didn't want that. I wanted a Fall theme wreath,---so using some coupons, I made one.

Pulling out my glue gun, and getting out the ribbon, glitter ribbon that is I stated creating.

I started by using some wire to hold the ribbon in place but used lots of glue as well.  Adding a few pine cones, leaves and some silk flowers, I made a great fall wreath which is more brown than what this photo looks like. 

Sunday after a great worship service, we got to play with our granddaughters before my body just crashed. I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for this week.  I'm looking forward to all the political ads stopping after Tuesdays elections.  I'm so fed up with all of them!!


  1. Losing electricity for any amount of time is scary. I cannot begin to imagine the people from hurricane Sandy going this long without power. The cold weather isn't helping matters. I'm glad to hear yours came back quickly.

  2. Any amount of time without power is not a good thing. At least you were prepared had the power stayed out for a good while. It's so heartbreaking to think of those without power - especially with the cold weather. I, too, will be so glad when the elections are over - it'll be even worse tomorrow with the commercials, etc. ... I think tomorrow night will be movie night at our house.

  3. I am with on the political ads! I plan to watch a movie Tuesday evening and go to bed early. The results will be the same if I stay up or go to bed. I am ready for it all to be over!

    I am glad that your power wasn't out for long. It is hard to imagine being without power for an extended period of time. Most of our homes are no longer equiped to be with out it. Makes me think we should consider some heating alternatives.

    Have a great week!

  4. A generator is the one "emergency essential" that we haven't purchased yet. It's great that you have one, especially in cold weather!

    We don't have many political ads in our area, but if we did, I'd be happy to see them go. We've been plagued with a few "pollster calls" though.

    Your wreath turned out pretty!

  5. I remember the days we lost power (once for four days like you last year) when we lived in New England. Not fun at all.

    Your wreath looks great! It really pops against your light colored front door. Very pretty!

  6. Your wreath looks beautiful. I was surprised when your power had gone out. I thought maybe it had something to do with other repairs they were working on. Glad it came back soon. I love the Christmas movies on Hallmark. Sorry I missed them!

  7. How cute to get into the spirit of Christmas by watching Christmas movies!! Especially if it was a bit of a cool day! Wreath looks very nice! It is hard when we lose power, 2 hours would be my max that I'd be "okay" with; I can't imagine people still without power after the storm. One can only hope it will be restored so very soon!

    I too am eager to get life back to normal without political ads!



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