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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Only in New England

It's often said that if you don't like the weather here in New England, wait a few days, it will change.
They are so right!  In just one short week we have all 4 seasons!

The start of Memorial Day week May 25th
Yup, that's snow. Parts on NH had a few inches on snow while other parts (like us) had really cold rain/sleet mixed together.  Really! And we had frost warnings (good thing we didn't have our garden in yet) Sure looks like Winter here!

By mid week
Rain, not just a nice spring rain, it was more like a fall rain, temps were below freezing at night and only up to the 40's and 50's during the day.  Yup, felt more like fall around here.

By late week
Our Bleeding heart bloomed.  A sure sign of Spring! Finally!

By weekend
We had temps up into the 90's. AC was put in the windows and turned on. 

It took 2 days and 6 loads of wash but the sweaters, socks, flannel pj's and fleece lined jeans have been replaced by t-shirts, shorts, cotton pj's and fewer sweaters (I get cold easy).

What's will all this crazy weather?  What's it like at your place?


  1. We are getting lots of weather changes too but not near as drastic as yours.

    What a beautiful bloom that bleeding heart has.

  2. We've had similar here, although no snow thankfully! Really cold Memorial Day weekend. I love the bleeding heart!

  3. No snow, but we had the AC on for a few days, then had to run the furnace. The Bleeding Hearts have to be one of my favorites. So pretty!

  4. Wow ... that's simply amazing! I know that the weather has been crazy everywhere, but I think yours takes the cake.

  5. My goodness that is really crazy weather!!!!


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