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Thursday, June 6, 2013

What Cancer Does Give You

A chance to try on a new hair style and color.

My daughter helped me pick this wig out.  She is very honest and I needed that.  She may not come right out and say "That's terrible and I will  NOT be seen in public with you." But she did tell me that one wig I tried on made me look like I was in the Witness Protection Program.  OK that one went back in the box.  

Even my 4 year old Grand daughter who was with us helped out. I tried on one wig and asked her what she thought.  She looked at me, looked at the floor, shuffled her legs a bit and said "Well, it's OK" in a very quiet voice and then added "You're not going to wear it to the house are you?"  I took it off and told her I though I would leave it and try on another to which she smiled and said "That's a great decision Grannie!"  So very helpful don't you think?

So here is the new look.  It's been a while trying it on, taking it off, trying it on again.  It's emotional and I've learned that I'm more attached to my looks than I realized. But it's time to face the mirror and the world with hot red hair.   

So when Cancer takes away what you know, put on something new,  something exciting and face the world with a smile. And know 'This too shall pass".
Plus, Hubby likes it----- a lot!!!
The dogs don't care.
And I just may keep the style when all is said and done. So I get to try out new hair sytles. 


  1. That color and style looks so good on you. I love your attitude! {{hug}}

  2. Oh bless your heart! I remember doing this with my wonderful mother-in-law! We had some laugh till you cry moments while we ALL tried on wigs. You look fantastic!!!

  3. I totally love the color and the style. It looks so good on you, very natural!! I would never have guessed it was a wig had you not told us. Beautiful!!

  4. If you hadn't said anything I would have thought you hit the salon for a cut and color! Looks great and I love your attitude. :)

  5. This looks amazing on you and, like others have said, I never would have guessed it was a wig if you hadn't said so. Beautiful!

  6. You look awesome! One thing I know about cancer is that a positive attitude is the best medicine.

  7. I love the color and style, it looks amazingly natural. I am encourage by your choice to take such a positive attitude.


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